Cancer Pain Vanishes After Prayer

Maybelline Sturvidant had biopsies before. But this time she was called in to the doctor’s office when her test results came back. She recalls, “The doctor just walked up to me and he says, ‘I’m just going to be blunt with you. I’m just going to tell you. You have cancer and it’s malignant.’ And he said, ‘I’m going to send you over to an oncologist and then you’ll have to go to surgery.’ How in the world did this turn into cancer?”                                      

Maybelline’s aggressive stage-three malignancy required chemotherapy, radiation, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Her pain grew into anguish.
Maybelline explains, “I was dealing with the fact that it may come back again. Or, what did I do? Am I being punished for something I don’t even know what I did? It was a bit of torment not knowing what I had done or what could have caused this.”                                                

As a pastor and bishop of Mercy and Goodness Outreach Church in Clarkesville, Tennessee, Maybelline faced the unanswered questions together with her congregation. She says, “I never stopped ministering. I never stopped coming to church. I attended even when I wasn’t preaching unless it was you know, too bad that I couldn’t get there. I figure if the Lord is doing this with me that it wasn’t death. It was just a season of trial.”                

The enduring trial of uncertainty and silence lasted nearly a year. Maybelline was frustrated while “watching television and preachers preaching, hearing about God’s healing and deliverance and then for me it was waiting, when are you going to answer me about this? What caused this? Am I cursed? And I got nothing!”      

Until April 19th 2016, while in pain and watching TV. Maybelline says, “I saw Gordon Robertson that night. God knows how to use people to get His Word to us.”

In the television broadcast he said, “You’ve got cancer. And God wants to assure you right now He’s able to heal you. You’ve been trying to figure it out. You’re looking, ‘what did I do wrong, you’re looking at is this some kind of curse that’s come on me?’” Maybelline says,  “All of that was me! He had exact words that I had put before the Lord. And I knew that was God.”  

During the televised message, Gordon Robertson said, “God just wants to wipe all of that away. And he wants to deliver you from this cancer and heal you completely. You’re in pain right now and the sign for you is this pain is going to leave you immediately.”  

Maybelline convincingly says, “It left! The pain just left. I was able to turn over and sleep. Something I hadn’t been able to do since the surgery. I just cried, because He heard me!”

Maybelline’s pain is still gone.  Maybelline says, “They asked me did I need anymore medication for my pain, and I, nope I don’t, I don’t need any! They assumed I’d need some. He just healed my hope! It was restored! To know that God, as big as He is, looked down on me and said, ‘I got you!’ And because of Jesus my soul is well, therefore my body can completely healed. I can wait for Him no matter what comes, I’m content and I can wait.”

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