Accident Injury Plagues Woman for Years Before Disappearing

Rosy describes an injury to her neck that left her in pain for years. “A car came from behind me and just hit me really hard. Immediately I felt my neck getting so tight and my arm also. All the manipulations and the massages that I received didn’t resolve the pain the stiffness in my neck and the tingling in my arm. To take something above my shoulder level, I couldn’t do it at all. I couldn’t do it at all. I couldn’t get any relief. The pain in my neck and my shoulder blade and my arm went on for years.”

“I love to see the 700 Club, She says, “And as I normally do I was ready to pray for people when Gordon said a word of knowledge and the Lord surprised me.”

While hosting the 700 Club Gordon Robertson prayed for people. “There’s someone, you’re laying your right hand on the back of your neck you’ve had a severe injury on your right side. Very difficult for you to turn your neck you have recurring headaches from it, recurring pain shooting down into your right shoulder. God’s healed you. He just set you free from that. Just begin to move your neck. Do what you couldn’t do before, stand up move your shoulder.”

Rosy says, “It was like wow! It was like water running all over my body. And it was joy, unexpected joy! I started moving my neck up and down, to the right to the left and doing all kind of movements. I was in awe because I knew this was totally the Lord and I felt so privileged and so humble, so humble because it’s like, He’s touching me. He is touching me. And I never expected to be this way. Now that I am healed I can perform my x-ray procedures. I can reach no problem the (x-ray) tube and do the angles. I can move my neck no problem. Things I couldn’t do before now I am able to do and I’m grateful to the Lord. Because what the physicians couldn’t do the Lord did it, and he did it for free! So Praise the Lord!”

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