On the Worst Day of Her Life, Woman Finds Healing

“As soon I wake up in the morning, that was immediately that pain was getting me right here in the top of my stomach.  It was like a fire that makes me vomiting and vomiting. Then I was all day with that pain - no relief.”

“I couldn’t sleep good, headaches, it was making me feel all my body not function for nothing.

The doctor gave me some medication it helped me a little bit but then I was starting feeling that pain again. It was like 24/7 my pain.  They put a camera inside my stomach.  They do all tests that a human being could have in their body. But they never find nothing, only a little bit acid reflux.”

“For two years I was suffering all that, no eating, no nothing, only drinking liquids. It was the grace of God that keep me every day.  So I had to go to the hospital, to the emergency room, almost twice of every week. They just put me a little bit IV, calm me a little bit of pain, and send me home because they didn’t know what else to do with me. I lost more than 30-something pounds. I went almost to 73 pounds. Honestly it would be time and you would want to give up. We are human. But I said Lord  I know You have a purpose for all this.”   

“That day I wake up so like the worst day of my life. But then we put The 700 Club like always, and we see Gordon.  And then he decide to give a word of knowledge.”  

On July 29, 2016, Gordon Robertson prayed, “There’s someone – you’ve had recurring problems with acid reflux and you’ve damaged your esophagus, there’s like a permanent burning, a permanent heartburn, and you don’t know what to do.  God’s healed it.  Right now.  In Jesus’ name.”  

“And I put my hand up and I believe it like I told you. It was instant, instant. I feel that Holy Spirit. It was –it was something so beautiful. And after that no pain, no nothing, nothing.  I start praising God and giving God all the glory, all the glory to Him for the thing that He has done.  After two years and something, I ate some pancakes and I was eating!”

“Everything have a purpose why I went through for all this so I could be a blessing for somebody else. And yes, my faith has been more strong than ever. Yes, thank God.”

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