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"I Didn't Have to Go to the Doctor. The Doctor Came to Me!"

“I remember borrowing some mascara from my daughter, and she had the type that has fibers. And I brushed it on my eye and I didn't think of it anymore. And a few weeks later my eyes started to close,” remembered Saundra.

Author and Philadelphia native, Saundra, couldn’t afford to let problems with her eyesight slow her down.

“I kept thinking in my head, you know, ‘What in the world is happening?’  First I thought it was allergies, and I’ve never had any allergies in my eyes or any allergies period.”

But the eye only got worse.

“I write a lot and it looked like the words were moving if I would write or read. And it was blurry, and it was just so uncomfortable. I just didn't feel like myself.  It really, really made me nervous, you know. And it seemed like every day was getting worse,” said Saundra.

Without health insurance and between jobs, Saundra couldn’t afford to see a doctor.

“I bought all these products, you know, eye wash and artificial tears and all the different things; the lubricant for the eyes because I thought maybe it was dry. And you know, everything I could think of over the counter.”

But after 4 long months, the pain had become excruciating.

“My eye would not stop running. And the pain, it seemed like the tears made the pain worse, like it was burning.  I was like, ‘Oh Lord, please help me, help my eye.’ You know? It was just really, really painful and that was the worst.”  

At times, Saundra even had bouts of depression.

“It was hard. It was hard. You know, when you're in a process of trusting God, you have to trust Him with all things,” Saundra said.

And with that trust, came healing, through The 700 Club. She was watching on her phone.

“I was about to put a – refresh my face with makeup, and I heard the host say…”

"Somebody has an eye infection.  There’s been some material under there, the Lord’s going to take it out.  The eye’s going to be fine but that irritating material will be taken away right now and the Lord is healing you just put your hand on your eye right now in the name of Jesus," said Pat through Saundra’s cellphone.

“So I put my hand on my right eye and the moment  I removed it, it was gone!  My eye dried up, it wasn't red anymore, it was just done. And all I said to myself was, ‘I didn't have to go to the doctor. The doctor came to me!’  I was like, ‘Hallelujah!’ I was so grateful because I couldn’t pay for it. And I just believed God was going to do something and He did it. He used the 700 Club to do it,” she said, beaming.  “So after the Lord healed my eye, I was - I went immediately back to writing and doing all the things that I do daily – clearly!  I don't know what God you are talking about if you think God doesn't still heal. "Cause our God is mighty and He's the same today, and tomorrow, and forever. He doesn't change. He's still in the healing business.” 

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