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Once Skeptical of Healings, Woman Experiences Miracle

Like all of us, Vicki Ruddel has known pain in her life. But in May of 2019, she experienced a pain so debilitating, life as she knew it came to a halt.

Vicki says, “I’d taken a shower and I was wiping the back of the shower down and I moved a certain way, and all the sudden it was just like this horrible pain, excruciating pain in my lower back. And I went, ‘Oh God, what did I do?’ The pain, it was just unbelievable. I could hardly walk.”

She tried lying down and stretching, and started wearing a brace, but nothing worked. “I didn’t go anywhere; I was just barely walking around with my brace on all the time. I kept saying to myself, ‘If I’m going to live like this, I’m going to have to go to a nursing home or something… I can’t live like this…”

Vicki had been going to doctors for her chronic arthritis, but for this, she truly believed the Lord was going to heal her.

“I know how bad my arthritis is, and I’ve gone to a lot of chiropractors, and I just knew there was nobody gonna be able to fix this except

Jesus. I had already made up my mind, and in my heart, that He would be the only one that could heal me,” says Vicki.

But for much of her life, Vicki was skeptical of those who made such claims. “I didn’t believe that Jesus heals, I didn’t believe any of that.”

Then she gave her life to Jesus. She also started watching The 700 Club every day. Now seeing first-hand the power of god’s healing in others, Vicki believed. She says, “When I’d watch the 700 Club, something came over me all the time—I felt like a peace. I just knew it was real.”

Now, years later, Vicki was certain of God’s ability to heal not only others, but her as well.  Two days after she injured her back, as always, she turned on The 700 Club. But this time, something felt different…

“The two days felt like eternity. I could hardly sit down. But, I turned that TV on—I just knew in my spirit that I was going to get an answer, I already knew it when I turned it on. And as soon as they started praying, Wendy said it…” Vicki says.

Wendy says, “There’s somebody, your spine is totally out of alignment, and you’re in a lot of discomfort and pain. God is putting you back into alignment today in Jesus’ name.”

“I didn’t even get up and I knew the pain was gone. It was just instant gone, like miracle gone. And then when I stood up, I just put my hands up in the air and went (exclaims), ‘O praise be to the Lord Jesus.’ ‘Cause I knew it was gone, I was healed. The pain never, never came back after that,” says Vicki.

Today, Vicki is able to get around without that excruciating pain in her spine. And above all, she has discovered more of the love of Jesus.

She says, “I knew right then that He loved me, really loved me. My faith changed so much after, got so powerful, so much stronger. And now, under anything that happens to me, I know that He loves me.”


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