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Amputated Leg Miraculously Fits Prosthetic

Alex Soare (So-Ray) loves hunting and fishing.

“I just really started to get an appreciation for God's creation outdoors. I think God's a lot more prevalent out in nature," said Alex.

Alex is a cancer survivor. When he was sixteen a malignant tumor was found in his right foot. It had to be amputated just above the ankle. He was fitted with a prosthetic limb that took time to get used to walking with. 

“That leg with the prosthetic was too long and they can't shorten it up. They wanted me to wear an insert. They're like this big rubber thing glued to the bottom of my shoe and I was an 18–19-year-old kid, I was way too cool for that so I said 'No, it doesn't hurt, I'm not wearing that thing,'" said Alex.

Ten years later Alex injured his hip and leg while exercising.

“I pulled too hard, or pushed too hard or something. I felt something give in my hip and my leg on that side. And yeah, I couldn’t walk or anything, it hurt too bad. I could walk maybe like 5 minutes."

“Oh man. It was so bad. My legs were–the bad leg was actually moving involuntarily. I didn't want it to move but the nerves and everything were just shooting so much I couldn't hold it still. I was actually–I was crying, I’m not going to lie," said Alex.

Alex began asking God for healing.

“I was praying about it and I just believed. I knew that you can't please God without faith, and He'd done so much for me up to that point, I was like 'There's no way, Lord, this is the plan. This isn't where it ends up. I've got these dreams and aspirations of being a great hunter and fisherman, and why would you put that in me if this is how it was going to end up?' Three days later, I got that word on The 700 Club," said Alex.

The next day, while watching The 700 Club, Alex saw Pat and Wendy praying.

Pat prayed, “There's a problem with your hips. Your spine and your hips are out of line and you've got pain coming up the small of your back. It's not scoliosis, but it acts that way. In the name of Jesus, we speak the Word, in the name of Jesus: may that spine be healed, may the hips be aligned properly, and may all those joints function, touch! Thank you, Lord.” 

“I just claimed it. I knew that was for me. It was no coincidence. I shot up, lifted up my hand (RAISING HAND) and was like, "Yep, I'll take that. That's for me." And that very night I just felt a heat, like a pretty intense heat and the next day it was gone. And it wasn't just gone. The craziest part is this right leg was no longer too long. I don't know what happened, it was like that for ten years, but that is not a problem at all, never has been ever since," said Alex.

Alex can now enjoy life and his adventures in the outdoors pain free.   

“God, He wants us to be healed. You know, a lot of people, myself included, for a long time I looked at Him as some kind of judge in the sky who's keeping a tally of everything we do wrong, but I realized it's really the opposite of that. God wants to heal you. If you just allow Him in and just let Him love you and give Him that time, you're going to see your life change completely and you will be whole and healed," said Alex.

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