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Confidently Asking The Father for Healing

For years, Cynthia Regas began each morning by walking her beloved dog, Angel, in her neighborhood with little incident. Until April 2016, when the 64-year-old tripped on uneven pavement.

“I went down very fast and very hard,” recounted Cynthia. “I just felt a searing pain in this left arm.

Cynthia called 911 and an ambulance took her to the hospital. There, X-rays showed she had broken her humerus.

“And the humerus bone went up into the shoulder and played havoc with everything there,” said Cynthia describing the effects on her shoulder. “It was intense pain. And I couldn't move my arm a certain way or the pain would be jabbing pain.”

For the next several months, she went to physical therapy and took ibuprofen, but neither helped to improve her mobility or pain. Now surgery was the only alternative.

“I really wanted to avoid surgery,” Cynthia declared. “I have heard of people having surgery and it was, especially in shoulders, it's very painful and it's a long recovery. So I had to let it go, but actually what I was doing was compounding things.”

Cynthia had always been passionate about playing the piano and writing worship songs. With her arm in pain, feeling frozen in place most of the time, she couldn’t enjoy doing any of the things she loved.

Cynthia said, “Something simple, like hugging a family member’s neck, or holding a baby, I can't do it. And that's really hard to deal with emotionally.”

Cynthia coped with her injury as best she could. Meanwhile, it began taking a mental, emotional, and spiritual toll.

“This injury really made me feel, like I had failed. I was depressed,” admitted Cynthia. “You really feel like you're just a failure. I began to feel like I was caving in.”

Still dealing with the pain after a few years, Cynthia felt lower than ever. Yet, after taking time to dig into the Bible, she was reminded of not only the Lord’s grace, but also His healing power.

“I didn't realize that I wasn't asking because I didn't feel worthy to ask. And that He would heal me,” Cynthia said about the Lord. “And that I didn't need to be ashamed to ask Him for things because He was my father.”

Her heart encouraged, and her faith refreshed, Cynthia began to fully trust God for her healing. Then on December 4th, 2020, during her daily viewing of The 700 Club, Cynthia heard Terry Meeuwsen begin to pray.

Terry Meeuwsen prayed, “There’s someone who has injured your shoulder, it’s like it’s frozen in place. Nothing you’ve done has been able to free that thing up. God is setting you free from it right now. Just lift your hands up and begin to praise Him. The full mobility is coming back into that complete shoulder, your arm, everything in Jesus’ name.”

“By faith, I asked him that it would be me and that I told Him that I receive it,” Cynthia asked God. “(I) Started moving my arm very slowly up. And it just kept going. And I said, ‘oh my goodness, I'm healed!’”

After over four years of suffering, Cynthia could move her arm and shoulder pain-free, without surgery!

“I have my movement,” she said with a smile, “And all those lies that ‘I'm not worthy’, fell by the wayside immediately. I felt so excited and so loved.”

Today, she lives a full life, free of pain as she holds closely to the Lord and thankfulness.

“He was there to heal me,” Cynthia said sweetly. “And that's a miracle to me. And something that I'll never quit treasuring.”

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