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Tiny Miracle Crystalizes God’s Perfect Love

Third grade teacher Tracy Lambert always enjoyed living on the Florida coast with her husband Chris and their two sons. Then one day…

Tracy recounts when the problem first started, “It was about 2018 I noticed that my eye was just starting to water. My husband and I were out for a walk and I was like, why is my eye watering?"

Chris, Tracy’s husband, says, “I didn't think a whole lot of it, at first, cause people's eyes do water from time to time.”

At first Tracy chalked it up to seasonal allergies. Then, more seasons came and went.

“My eye would be watering all throughout the year. It didn't matter if it was high pollen, low pollen. I tried changing my makeup. I tried wearing no mascara and I was troubleshooting, and nothing seemed to really stop it,” says Tracy.

In fact, over the next 18 months it got worse. “The more I wiped then the more it would get sore on the corners. My third graders would say, 'What happened Mrs. Lambert? Why are you crying?' I would tell them it was like 'I'm not crying; my eye is just watering,'" Tracy recalls.  

“I'm a fixer, I try to solve problems. That's what I do. And this was one of those things that I just couldn't do anything about,” Chris recalls how helpless he felt. “It was just annoying,” says Tracy.

Even Tracy’s eye doctor could find nothing wrong. The only thing he could do was give her eye drops. “So, I’d put the drops in, and it made no difference. I just kind of chalked it up as, “This is just what it is," says Tracy.

In September 2020, the family moved to Virginia Beach, VA. When Chris took a job at Regent University as Vice President of Advancement. Still, Tracy’s symptoms remained. 

In all that time, she admits she never took it to God.

“I felt like that it was such an insignificant thing, that God's got bigger things to worry about other than Tracy's little eye watering. So no, I never went directly in prayer to say, 'God, please heal my eye.' I never did that,” Tracy says.

Then on March 3rd, 2021 while watching The 700 Club, Tracy joined Pat and Wendy in prayer as they began giving words of knowledge.

“Someone it’s your right eye is really weepy. It just crying nonstop. You aren't sad you just have these tears come down. The Lord is healing your eye. God is touching you. Right eye be healed now, in the name of Jesus,” prays Wendy Griffith.  

Tracy exclaims, "Oh my! That was actually for me! I was so – I was excited. I said, 'I'm going to claim this for me,' and I reached up and I touched the side of my eye and I said, 'God, I think this is for me.' So, I held my hand there and then I felt it was kind of warm and I had just complained that morning about my eye bothering me and it tearing up, to my husband, and then here it is, like 9:30 that day, and then it literally just dried up.”

“I got that phone call that day that said, 'Chris, you'll never believe what just happened.' She told me that story and then it really kind of crystalized for us that the depth and the breadth of God's caring for us. I am just ecstatic that she's healed,” says Chris.

Both Tracy and Chris say they learned something that day. “At the end of the day God is listening. He wants to be there with us,” Chris says.

Tracy says, “It still just gives me chills just thinking about it. I got a miracle. I mean, as tiny and as insignificant as that may be to anybody or even to myself, but I had my own little miracle. God cares about everything. Even my watery eye.”

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