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Painful Cystic Rashes Disappear Supernaturally!

Jamie Cain and her husband, Jim couldn’t imagine anything spoiling their love for the outdoors. That is until Summer 2020, when Jamie developed painful cysts under her arms.

“It was this intense itching. It was very, my skin was so inflamed and red and then I had these-these cyst-like bumps under my arms and – it honestly felt like it was on fire,” says Jamie.

Jamie had been dealing with a rash under her arms for years caused by the deodorants she was using.

Jamie recalls, “It'd go away and it'd come back and go away and come back and this has been something that's been ongoing.”

Her husband, Jim, a family physician, diagnosed the rash as Contact Dermatitis.

Jim explains, “It’s an allergic rash due to a sensitivity to something, usually something topical or like a soap or a detergent.”

Over the next several years, Jamie tried different deodorants, but they always caused a flare up. 

In fact, the rash was getting worse.

Then in 2020 after using a different, more natural new deodorant, Jamie says, “I had developed these little cysts under my arms, they were very painful, uh they were spreading They were just really embarrassing."

Jamie stopped using the deodorant, but this time the rash and cysts didn’t go away. 

She tried several ways to treat the issue, or at least to make it more bearable.

Jamie explains, “We tried steroid cream, steroid shots, prednisone. I tried all sorts of natural remedies as well, and nothing was helping it. Emotionally I was very, very frustrated. I was annoyed, and a little bit depressed about this because I didn't know how long I would have this, if this would ever truly go away.”

Jim share his worry for his wife, “You know I was getting quite concerned. I have this beautiful wife that, you know, I don’t want to see he suffer obviously. And I can see she's very distraught."

Jamie told her mother, a retired nurse about her condition. She told her daughter to pray. She also shared the story of how she was healed one day while watching The 700 Club.

“My mom had said that she had gotten a word of knowledge on her right knee and she hadn't had any pain since then, so she encouraged me to also tune into The 700 Club and, you know, perhaps I could get a word of knowledge, you know, as well,” says Jamie.

Taking her mom’s advice, Jamie began to pray for healing. She prays, “Father, I know it’s not that big of a deal. I know it's not terminal, uh but would you please you know, heal this.” 

Every day she prayed and watched The 700 Club.

Then in December 2020 terry Meeuweson and Gordon Robertson were praying for the need of the audiences.

Terry prays, “Someone else, you have a painful lump under your right arm, very concerned about it, large enough for you to easily feel. God is healing that for you right now, it is going to dissolve and be gone in Jesus' Name.”

Jamie exclaims, "Well, that's gotta be for me. And you know, I will definitely claim this because if this means that this is, you know, going to be resolved once and for all."

And in just a few days...it disappeared.

Jamie explains, “Not one speck of anything left. Not anything. No redness, no nothing under my arms. All the cysts were gone completely, 100% gone.”

After sharing the news with her husband, Jim exclaims, “Praise God. You know, God's will be done."

Jamie is happily living pain free! She has even resumed hiking with her husband Jim!

“God's sovereign. God's the healer. Every breath we take, you know, that's all God. That's not anything else but God,” says Jim. 

Jamie says, “It had to be supernatural, cause the only thing that cured it and healed it completely was the touch of God.”

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