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'DC Cupcakes' Hosts: Fall Cupcake Ideas

Sophie and Katherine said if they had to choose one word to describe their time as owners of Georgetown Cupcakes it would be celebrate.  From family events, like Katherine’s wedding, to the grand openings of two new bakery locations in New York City and Boston, the Kallinis (pronounced Kah-LEAN-es) family has been in nonstop celebration mode.  Last year, their first cookbook was a best seller and they have been filming more episodes of the reality series, DC Cupcakes.  For Katherine’s wedding in 2011, Sophie planned a surprise cupcake creation which aired on TLC’s episode, My Sweet Wedding

Last fall, the girls also set a new Guiness World Record for the world’s largest cupcake.  It was one of the biggest undertakings the girls had ever taken on and they knew this endeavor could put Georgetown Cupcakes on the map.  “We didn’t want to just break the record,” says Sophie.  “We wanted to shatter it.”  The previous record was 1,300 pounds.  The criteria: the cupcake had to be baked as one solid piece, it had to have the proper ratio of frosting to cupcake (to make it a cupcake and not a cake), it had to stand outside of the pan once it was baked and it had to be completely edible.  They used 500 pounds of flour, 300 pounds of butter, 300 pounds of milk, 750 pounds of sugar, 200 dozen eggs and 100 pounds of cocoa powder.  It took one day to mix the batter and then it took more than 24 hours to bake the cupcake in a special oven they rented (it was from Michigan and was used to treat auto parts!).  Cooling took another 24 hours.  The cupcake weighed 2,594 pounds!  They used giant jawbreakers as “sprinkles” for the top and finished it off with a giant cupcake wrapper with Georgetown Cupcake stickers.  To celebrate, they held a block party with their staff and neighbors and everyone ate the cupcake.

Though they seem to be busy running around all over the place and working at the bakeries, Sophie and Katherine recognize that none of it matters without the people who make their lives so special.  “There is a reason to celebrate every day,” says the girls.  “Celebrating is not just about birthdays and weddings and other big events; it’s also about appreciating the little things that make daily life special.” 

The girls will show us a Cupcake Flowerpot with Honeybee Yogurt Cupcakes and Buttercream Frosting (page 108).  They will also show us how to make the Cupcake Tower Display (page 35) .  For Christmas segment, they will show us their Christmas ornament cupcakes (page 156 & page 150).  They will also show us how to make their Peppermint Swirl Icing (page 258-260).

The girls grew up backing with their grandmother, Babee, and gave up their careers in fashion and finance to open a family bakery on Valentine’s Day 2008.  By 10 am that day, they sold out of cupcakes.  In 2009, a producer from TLC came in to get cupcakes and got the idea for a reality show.  Their cupcakes have won numerous awards and high praise from the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart.

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