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Healed in an Instant After 15 years of Pain

CBN.com Emily Meacham never knew when she’d feel a stabbing pain in her side. “Sometimes it would be in the middle of sleep and I would be woken up and it would feel like a knife went thru my ribs and I could not move. Usually I would breathe deeply and feel the pain and deal with it. Being an active person, a dance teacher, a fitness instructor it hurt, just sometimes nothing you could do about it.  It just hurt.”

It had been that way for more than 15 years, ever since her car was hit by a drunk driver when she was a teenager. “The seatbelt pulled my rib out of place, and there wasn’t much they could do about that, so they just left it that way. In the years after that it caused a lot of pain and shortness of breath. And it would last a good 10 or 15 minutes. And that’s a long time when you’re in pain.”

She went to numerous doctors and chiropractors but they all told her she’d simply have to live with the occasional pain for the rest of her life. “I would pray and say, ‘God is this what You really want me to do? It hurts. This is a hindrance.’ A lot of times I would stand on what happened to Paul. He had a thorn in his flesh, and I thought, ‘Well I’m just going to have to deal with this.’”

Her husband Doug wanted to help, “It’d break my heart to see her in pain like that; to feel helpless like I couldn’t do something for her. I knew it was out of my hands. All I could do was pray.”
Then Emily started watching the 700 Club, usually while she worked out. “It was hurting at the time, at the very time when I was listening to the 700 Club. And I said, ‘Lord, let it be me, just for one time.’ That’s when I got the word of knowledge.

Gordon Robertson delivers a word of knowledge: “This is an old injury. It was broken ribs from, I believe, when you were a teenager. And you just have sort of lived with it and pain when you breathe and pain when it gets cold. And God has just healed that.”

Emily knew this was her word. “And I received the word and have not had the pain since. It was odd, to have that pain for all those years and for it to just be gone.”

She called her husband to tell him the good news. “It was an exciting call. It was something where she was excited, and you could hear it in her voice. Sure enough she had received her healing; something she had been praying about and we had been praying together about.” 

Emily began to do things she’d not done for years. “I began to jump. I actually did backbends which I can do to this day, now, because of that injury being healed.”

Emily says that word of knowledge changed the way she thought about God. “I always thought of Him as a governor of people and keeping order. And thought that was an awesome thing about God, how he does keep order. But I never thought of Him as your best friend, or someone who listens to you, and says, ‘I’m going to give you what’s best for you.’ And then He brings me to Him. He doesn’t expect me to come all the way up to Him.  He comes down to me on my level.

Doug says, “It’s amazing to see the power of God, and to see what He can do in just an instant like that. That’s what was exciting for us, the healing came and it’s still there, today.”

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