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Incurable Arthritis is Miraculously Healed

CBN.com “Getting up from bed in the morning, it was almost impossible. Or when I sit for too long on a chair I have to get up- I had to get up slowly and wait a few minutes to be able to walk,” she said. “They sent me to a specialist. he said, “You have very bad arthritis of the hips, and I don’t give your hips more than a year of life.”

He also told her hip replacement surgery was inevitable. The news was devastating, but she tried her best to go on with her life. She took medication to numb her aches.

“I couldn’t live without those pills,” she said. “I used to take two some times three pain killers.”

Her pain persisted, yet she held down a job at a restaurant.

She said, “I had to walk slowly and hold myself from the counter or the chairs that are there without people noticing, or sit down because I couldn’t, I thought I would just fall down from the pain.”

And after work, she had to conquer the stairs in her second story apartment.
She said, “It was just oh, horrible, horrible. One step, wait; another step, wait for- it was really hard to get up those steps and there’s no elevators here.”

One morning as Amalia was watching the 700 Club, Pat Robertson was praying for people to be healed.

She said, “Suddenly Pat says “Somebody with Arthritis, you are healed” And I just jumped and said, “I receive that, that’s for me, that’s for me.” And I felt a cold thing coming all the way from my feet down up, up, up, until up here (points to hips). And goosepimples and I started screaming, crying. No more pain since then. No more pain at all. No more pills. I can show you the container, it’s full if pills and the date. I haven’t’ used them. I don’t have to. I’m healed.”

“People think it’s a coincidence that it just happened, but no. It’s from the Lord,” she said. “The Lord has been so good to me, so good. Every time I had any kind of trouble or something, always the Lord was there for me, Always.”

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