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Keep Praying and Asking for a Miracle!

“I had an extremely bad clicking and popping in my jaw,” Maryanne Wazny recalls. “It would feel like it was popping out of place. It was painful. It was hard to open my mouth more than a half-inch. I’d wake up in the morning and I’d try to massage it just to try to get it going - just to even be able to get a toothbrush in there to brush my teeth. When I would try to eat a hamburger or a sandwich, it would just hurt like I was really pulling something.”

Maryanne sought medical advice. “I went to my dentist and he thought it sounds like TMJ. He said there was really no cure for it, except to take Advil,” she said.

“I would say, ‘Girls, you got to pray for me.’ My husband would pray for me. I tried to use that weapon of perseverance that we have to do sometimes, and just keep praying and asking.”

After a couple months, I was watching The 700 Club and Gordon was praying.

There is someone with pain in your right jaw from TMJ and you haven’t been able to open your mouth. Open it now and receive complete healing.

I just knew it was for me. I lifted my hand up and I said, ‘That’s me and I just claim that,’” Maryanne remembers.

“The show ended and I got up and walked around. That’s always my lunchtime so I made a sandwich. I opened my mouth. I was able to open it all the way. And I didn’t have the popping and clicking. It disappeared and it never reoccurred again.”

“I’m just so grateful. It’s just been wonderful to have that part of my life back. I knew that Jesus didn’t want me to live that way. He wanted me to speak freely and eat freely and sing and open my mouth wide,” she said. “Don’t limit God. Keep trusting and keep praying and God will meet your need at a time you may not expect it. But, He will.”

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