Sally Bee: The Secret Ingredient

CBN.com Before she was the author of The Secret Ingredient, in 2004, Sally Bee was 36 years old and was always healthy.  She never experienced high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  One day at a child’s birthday party, she had difficulty breathing.  Her friends called the ambulance and she was transported to the hospital.  Doctors examined her, and after a few hours, they sent her home with indigestion medication. 

Two days later, Sally was cleaning up the kitchen, and she started having painful breathing again.  Her husband, Dogan, called the ambulance again.  This time, three cardiologists examined her and couldn’t believe she was having a heart attack because of her age.  The next morning blood tests confirmed.  Throughout the day, Sally said the pain increased to the point where she couldn’t talk.  “I could only breathe,” she says.  “I figured if I kept breathing, I wouldn’t die.”

During the emergency angio, doctors discovered that she had another heart attack (her third that week) as a result of “spontaneous coronary artery dissection.”  Basically, Sally’s artery unraveled and fell apart, which is a very rare medical condition.  Doctors called in her husband to allow him to say goodbye.  Somehow Sally managed to survive the next 24 hours.  Because she was so healthy and her other arteries were strong, eventually they compensated for the main artery malfunction.  “My heart did its own bypass,” says Sally.  

After Sally, now 42, survived the unsurvivable, she realized that her future health was a priority.  She decided to control everything she ate in order to give herself the best possible chance of survival.  Now six years later, Sally feeds her husband and three young children tasty, healthy meals. 

“I didn’t want the kids to eat just salads and seeds,” she says.  Some recipes have red meat, butter, cheese, potatoes or eggs.  She says the key to eating well is balancing nourishment with enjoyment. “Moderation is essential,” says Sally.  “It is possible to eat for health and taste in equal measure.”

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