Was This the Paralyzed Boy?

CBN.com —For 9 year old Komlan (pronounced koom’ - lann) just getting from place to place has always been a challenge. The boy’s right leg has been paralyzed and frozen in a bent position at the knee since birth.

“When I walked with the crutch that my dad gave me, I had to wrap my leg around it and move very slowly. I couldn’t straighten my leg out,” Komlan told me.

But watching other kids run and play was the hardest thing him.

“I would stand sometimes and watch them run or play soccer. I have never been able to play soccer my whole life.”
After his mother died, Komlan’s father had to raise his son alone. The boy helps his dad with a few of the chores—but feels bad that he can’t do more.

“I can’t do too much—I wash the dishes, and sweep the floors,” said Komlan.

Komlan’s father works as a labor, clearing other people fields for planting. So there has never enough money for doctors or hospitals. One day though, a CBN supported evangelist was showing the 700 Club as a tool for evangelism. Komlan’s father carried his son all the way there so they could watch it.

“I put the boy down next to me and we started to watch,” said Komlan’s father Robert. After a while, the Pat Robertson started to pray, so we prayed too. A few minutes later, Komlan started tapping my leg. Daddy—he said—‘look’— my son was stretching out his leg. He had never done that before!”

Then Komlan stood up on both feet! After only one hesitating step—the boy who had never even put weight on his leg—began to walk. The crowd got excited when they realized what had happened.

That day, Komlan, his father and 50 others prayed to become Christians.

It’s now been a year since that miracle, and Komlan has had no trouble walking or running. And to help him celebrate, we gave him his first soccer ball! He knew right away what to do with it.

“I have seen many people that cannot walk, but Jesus let me walk! I am so happy,” said Komlan with a big grin.

And now whenever someone comes to town showing the 700 Club programs, Robert and his son are quick to invite others to watch it with them.

“I want to say a big ‘well done’ to those people who brought us this television program!” said Robert. “I say thank you to them and pray that God will reward them!”

“I am very thankful to you for this program!” added Komlan.

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