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Woman Cries Tears of Joy After Miraculous Eye Healing

In 2012, Jaye Rocchietti had Lasik surgery done on her eyes, but soon began having issues. “A few weeks later, after all the patches had come off and I was on the road to full recovery, I developed a severe dryness in my eyes,” she says.
Jaye kept the books for her husband Rocky’s auto repair business, and the chronic dryness made it difficult for her to work. “It was going on for a number of weeks, and it didn’t seem to be letting up, but I was using the drops that they had given me,” she says. “Of course, then I had to wait for my eyes to settle down and my vision to clear from putting the wetness in there. It was making it difficult just to try to get done everything I needed to get done. And you don’t have time to be doing this, when you’re trying to reconcile and get bills paid, and answer the phones.”
Jaye’s daughter had passed away unexpectedly a few years before, and Jaye and Rocky were also deciding whether to sell their business. “I was in a valley, missing my daughter and just other things going on, concern for my husband, and then on top of all that, my eyes were hurting, like I was looking into a furnace. They were just aching and dry and miserable.”
One day, Jay was watching The 700 Club on the computer while she was at work. “I heard Terry Meeuwsen say, ‘There’s someone, you have some sort of an ocular issue. You feel this kind of like a drying, not sharp pain—it’s kind of an achy, dry pain in your eye,’” Jaye remembers. “I was like, ‘Wow, that sounds like me!’”
As Jaye listened, she heard Terry also say, “God is healing that condition for you. Your vision is going to be restored to normal. Just put your hands on your eyes right now and be made whole in the name of Jesus.”

Jaye says, “I put my hand over my eyes, and tears started flowing.” She claimed the healing for herself, and her vision began to clear. “All I could do was sit there and say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for feeling what I’m feeling. Thank you for being real.’”
Jaye picked up the phone and called The 700 Club. “I knew I had to call someone on the prayer line and tell them, ’Hey, my eyes just got healed, when Terry prayed that prayer.’ When I told her she, said, ‘Oh that’s great! Praise God. And we just had a little glory-fest going on the phone. I knew that God healed, but that’s the first time I had an experience like that, and I haven’t had to use wetness drops since then.”                   

Jaye says her healing only deepened her relationship with Christ. “Jesus is everything. He’s my Healer. He’s my Savior. He’s my Advocate. Gosh, He’s just the provider of all good things. I don’t know how anyone lives without Him.”

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