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Years of Pain Halted with One Prayer

CBN.com - Seventy-five year old Patrick Whalen loves to play golf, but his game was put on hold when he fell down while walking in his neighborhood.

“There was a hole there, like a mouse hole, that caught my left foot,” remembers Patrick. “And once it started, I couldn’t stop it. It was like slow-motion just for a minute, and then it was like someone pushed me. Bam! Just like that. As I fell, I put my hands out like this, so I could stop myself from hitting the concrete. My hands went down, my elbows went down, and then my head went down.

“I looked over the cement, and I could see my friend coming down, and I tried to get up at first, but fell back down. I never felt so weak in my life. I asked the gentleman to get a towel, fill it with ice, and bring it out there. In the meantime, I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed 911, and asked for an ambulance. They were only three blocks away, and they came right up, and I ended up in the St. James Hospital.”

Patrick needed 13 stitches in his forehead, which healed. But the pain in his right elbow continued for three years.
“I’d get the reminder that I had a problem with my elbow when I’d put them down on something. I’d put my elbow down, and it would be like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ – like electricity going through my arm.”

Patrick and his wife Denise were watching The 700 Club when Terry had a word of knowledge for Patrick:

“There’s an elbow issue, really a hard time and a lot of pain in the joint of your elbow, from a past injury. God is totally reconstructing and healing that for you.”

“And the next thing I know, it felt warm,” says Patrick.

“My husband placed his hand on the elbow, and immediately he said, ‘I think I’ve been healed,’” says Diane.

“I still had a floater there though,” says Patrick. “That’s why the next day I got up, that’s why I really got excited, because they weren’t there anymore. I just kept thanking God all day long. And I still do, every day, because that is a miracle. I kept checking it for weeks, and the bones did not reappear. I don’t even know where the bones went. Gone!”

Today, Patrick is still pain free, and back on the links again.

“Ahh, the smell of the grass. The sun, when it comes up. It’s a beautiful place to be. The only thing that hurts me is when I can’t find my ball after I’ve hit it!”

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