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Should I let my daughter's boyfriend move in? Is it Biblical to get artificial insemination? Pat Robertson answers theres questions and more.

At 16-years-old Kelly Putty was kidnapped and raped. But after she became a Christian, she was able to forgive her attackers and energetically help...

I tend to go for ice cream and chocolate as my comfort foods. Have any healthier suggestions? Gordon Robertson gives his advice.

The "Today Show" nutrition and diet expert discusses how to achieve permanent weight loss by building new eating habits.

We are struggling to pay our mortgage and heard that we should do a 'short sale' on our house. What is that and should we do that? Pat Robertson...

Shawn Brown sits down to talk to Tony Dungy about his career as an NFL coach and his decision to retire.

The Children of Inmates Program in Miami, Fla., began in 2005 with a broken- hearted child and a church who responded to the cry.

George Abbott's prognosis was bleak. The surgery to remove cancer in his gall bladder revealed cancer in his liver.

If Jesus said "by my stripes, you were healed," why do we as Christians still have afflictions? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

This talented group of five brothers and one godbrother appeared on BET and performed for former President Bush. Today they perform their song "Don't...

Champion bodybuilder Dave Hawk works with Kristi Watts to demonstrate resistance moves you can do with exercise bands.

John and Carol Arnott join Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen as Gordon teaches on healing. And then all four offer words of knowledge from God for...

Christian recording artist Roy Fields says Christians must believe and remain hungry and desperate for God. The power is in the Word of the testimony...

What is the legal role of the Bible and Christianity in the United States? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Brenda was sexually molested as a child. Her trek led her into sexual confusion and lesbianism. She is now a minister and speaker.

How will the new administration affect Christian families? Pat Ribertson answers this question and more from young adults in our live studio audience.


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