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Ron Waterman went from an insecure little boy to a chiseled professional wrestler. This Christian body builder shares his testimony of faith.

She was addicted to drugs and strung out on despair. An encounter with God changed her life.

Watchmaker, Ahmed, couldn’t find work because the world had gone digital. Operation Blessing helped him change careers so he could support his...

The burden of single motherhood on the backdrop of losing everything in Hurricane Katrina made Sharon a desperate woman. She used alcohol to ease her...

Russell and his wife prayed regularly for God to heal him. While watching The 700 Club, a healing word was for him.

Is it okay to learn about Greek mythology? If the Jews don't believe in Jesus, why are we told to pray for them? What do you think of Hypnotism?

Kevin Kubik once possessed by a demons is set free through the Love of Jesus and Yasmeen is delivered from an occult and becomes a contemporary...

The Newfields went from earning $25 a day to being completely debt-free – no house payment, no car payments, no business debt!

After a strenuous workout, he had a bulged disc. Then, after a word of knowledge, the pain was gone!

Their son beat death, not once but multiple times. Meet the Habbes and their miracle son.

Their marriage was marred with abuse, drugs and alcohol. These wild bikers were on the road to nowhere fast.

Don Teague and RafRaf Barrack were as different as could be. Then September 11th happened, and a war intertwined their lives.

Former NFL Superstar Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda talk football, faith and family and Larry Gatlin remembers the highs and lows of his music...

Gordon Robertson whips up BBQ pork with restaurateur Lee Ann Whippen and the incredible story of a Scott Smiley, a soldier blinded in combat who went...

Luther Wright was a top NBA draft pick in 1993, but in his first year he gets kicked off the Utah Jazz and Dr. Charles Stanley shares about his new...

Scott Ross recently talked with Larry Gatlin about his faith, his new project, and his missteps along the path of stardom.


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