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The 700 Club, June 29, 2009: Testimonies of financial miracles, humanitarian missions and news from around the world.

A man without arms or legs is being used to spread the gospel around the world. Also, CBN News reports on Christians in Bhutan.

Reimagine the all new Superbook. Also, a musician shares her journey to Christ after being a cutter.

It’s a new look for an old classic. This is CBN’s Superbook!

It's Money Monday, and Pat answers questions about your portfolio. Plus, a single mother and prostitute comes alive in Christ.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on researching stocks, rebalancing and the U.S. federal debt.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on children attending adult parties and christians getting involved with politics.

CBN News reports on the new G.I. Film Festival that aims to restore the military's luster, and a young man walks free from homosexuality.

Jennifer Wishon reports from the festival on a film that puts viewers in the cockpit.

He knew he was gay from a young age, and soon began sleeping with men for money. However, God had a different plan.

Pat Robertson answers viewer questions on seed faith, immoral friends and anointing oil.

Terry Meeuwsen sits down with Kathie Lee Gifford and discusses aging, forgiveness, faith, and what she is doing now. Also, a teen lost in Hare...

Chuck Holton reports from across the Atlantic on how Africa medical missions are heading off radicalism.

He was stubborn, rebellious and completely lost in Hare Krishna. But Tim's family found a way to reach him.

Terry Meeuwsen talks with Kathie Lee about aging, forgiveness, her faith and what she is doing now.

Pat interviews Shaneen Clarke about her ministry to the affluent of the world. Plus, a party girl goes back to her first love.


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