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With a sick child and no money for a doctor, Nida felt helpless -- until friends like you reached out in love.

Every day, this little boy woke up to experience more neglect and abuse – until CBN partners gave him a loving home.

In the blink of an eye, Chen’s life as he knew it disappeared. Discover how friends like you are rebuilding an entire village and touching hearts...

At $250,000 in debt, Don and Connie dreaded the bill collector's calls. See how they turned their finances around.

Pittsburgh Steelers defender, Aaron Smith, shares how he went from being an angry child to give his life to Christ.

Phil and Anna were $25,000 in debt and had a failed business. That’s when a wise counselor gave them a great idea and an effective plan.

Life outside the orphanage looked bleak - unless this teen could learn a job skill. Friends like you helped create a brand-new future.

Emilia and her 6 children were abandoned by her husband. Then you provided a lasting hope that rescued this precious family.The Christian...

Gerald and Gloria didn’t know how they’d ever rebuild their ruined home. Could Operation Blessing change all that in only 6 days?

Pat Robertson shares what he believes the Lord is telling him about this year.

The healing evangelist discusses faith and what God is doing in the body of Christ.

What is the difference between a recession and a depression?

The former number one racehorse trainer in the world talks about his life in the fast lane, and how his battle with alcohol brought his life to ruin.

Scott Ross sits down with the popular Country music group frontman.

Don and Cheryl Rinderknecht worried about finances after Don was laid off. But then God provided a job that doubled Don's salary.

Pat Robertson talks with the former Fox News host and mother of eight about proper parenting.


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