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Twins and sextuplets -- the stars of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" have a lot to tell about endurance and taking on life's challenges.

Jason discovered his true strength in the face of cancer was in God.

Victoria performed on Saturday Night Live for six years. She shares her testimony.

What are the pros and cons of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Tony Arunta robbed for drugs in Rome, Italy. He was delivered from drugs after his sister and her husband had him talk to a pastor and he gave his...

Cindy Jacobs heard a word from the Lord that Satan wants to cause another Black Tuesday. She says God's people need to pray and fast for the world...

Is the economy here in the U.S. still fundamentally strong? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Sometimes I feel that the only way to be thinner and healthier is to starve. Does that ever help? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Alonzo Mourning's broken beginnings, outstanding reputation in the NBA, and medical victory over a rare kidney disease all contributed to the mighty...

Major Leage Baseball's Albert Pujols wants the kids who look up to him to look to the one he calls his hero, Jesus Christ.

What if my husband doesn't want to be head of the household? What do I do? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Refugees get the Bible and life skills training through Fellowship Bible Church's Culinary Institute.

Could I lose my retirement if the company I work for goes bust? Should I cut up my credit cards?

700 Club Producer Gorman Woodfin talks with actor Kirk Cameron about the new movie about marriage restoration that opens in theatres September 26.

Heather Powers ran from God, her family, and her first marriage. After overcoming an addiction to painkillers, then meth, God rescued her and her new...

Will Israel attack Iran's nuclear facility? How does one overcome the spirit of fear? How will the stock market affect the commodities markets?


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