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A bill before the Israeli Knesset threatens Christian evangelism.

As Iranians flee their country, a Christian ministry welcomes them with the Gospel.

Iranians erupt in anger over poison gas attacks on schoolgirls.

In the face of devastation and suffering Turkey’s churches come together to serve their communities.

A move of God is sweeping college campuses.

A traveling exhibit brings the Sistine Chapel to cities across the globe.

As rescuers continue working to save people trapped in the rubble, relief groups are arriving to bring aid in the name of Jesus.

Federal Jury Acquits Pro-Lifer Targeted by Government.

How the church’s response to persecution could spark a global harvest.

What’s behind the Paris church that’s changing lives on a phenomenal scale.

The Iranian regimes crackdown on protestors is only making the resistance stronger.

As China tightens its grip on Hong Kong religious freedom is at risk and Christians are fleeing

The team that stayed to serve the people of Kyiv at the height of the Russia invasion.

What you never knew about the songs we sing every Christmas.

A refugee church flees China’s repression.

Gangs are ruling the city’s capital, putting tens of thousands at risk.


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