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Vaida suffered from a puffy, irritated eye until a prayer on television literally changed her outlook.

Actress Ann Ault struggled with debilitating knee pain until a prayer on The 700 Club spoke specifically to her issue and God performed a miracle.

Jeff’s inability to reconcile the loss of his mother as a young man intensified a pain that he medicated with alcohol. For years he nurtured the chip...

Dwayne struggled for years to kick a lifestyle of crime and drugs. Regularly in trouble with the law and running from the shame of making choices he...

Author and former investigative reporter Alec Klein shares his story of being falsely accused of misconduct as a college professor.

Author shares William Federer American history stories of miracles and faith that shaped the nation.

Six years into their marriage, Whitney discovered Barrett’s secret affair. Through surrender and forgiveness their marriage was saved and Barrett...

A married couple contract COVID-19, but Stephanie’s husband Dan has pre-existing conditions that instantly put him in the ICU fighting for his life.

Jeremy suffered PTSD stemming from childhood and the Iraq war. It wasn’t until he surrendered to God that everything changed for him.

Mike longed to control everything in his life, but it always led to chaos. When he turned to Jesus, he finally found peace.

Historian Bill Federer discusses American history and the many miracles and faith that made the nation.

After surviving a childhood of abuse, Nona gave her life to Christ and healed from her past.

After a word of knowledge on TV, Lilia was freed from her lifelong struggle with migraines.

Bryann ran with gangs and wanted revenge on those who hurt him, but after his twin was killed, Bryann’s life transformed.

Regent University held their 40th commencement ceremony, celebrating the academic achievements of their students through an online event.

For years, Ken suffered from gout until a prayer on The 700 Club set him free from pain.


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