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Rodney knew he had a call from God on his life, but he chose to pursue a lifestyle of addiction with drugs and alcohol.

A childhood of neglect and abuse left Jennifer hurt and confused. She desperately sought love from men, then babies, but eventually turned to drugs...

Regardless of your past and present circumstances, you can have peace today. Wouldn't you like to be free from all your hurt and despair?

Dave's harsh treatment of his son resulted in a life-changing journey to find a runaway child.

Jon's deep-rooted porn addiction can only be undone by God's power and grace.

Gang life leads to prison where Tommie meets his redeemer.

An incomprehensible family tragedy left Michael broken and flailing.

Some kids seem so wild and hopeless that even the Church can rarely reach them. But a 26-year-old Altoona youth pastor has found spectacular success...

Matt's addiction to pornography was a dirty little secret until it escalated to sex with a prostitute.

Suicide seems like the best end to a life of drugs and crime, until God speaks to Phil.

For years after Mary's son was murdered she struggled to completely forgive his murderer.

Relationship experts Philip and Holly Wagner share why they believe forgiveness is the greatest expression of love. Choose to forgive the little...

Professional musician Derrick Wright is the touring drummer for Adele. He shares with The 700 Club the lessons he learned about forgiveness from his...

Steve and Shelley’s marriage was on the rocks, but see how forgiveness lead to a complete restoration.

Take a look and find out just how forgiveness helped Steve and Shelley.

An innocent taste of alcohol as a teenager ushered Steve into a lifestyle of addiction that nearly cost him everything.


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Millie and Jesse Alanis love giving to the various ministries of CBN and seeing the impact it has on children and families. One evening when Millie...

Julie Haneline is blessed to have God’s wisdom when it comes to finances—which she now shares with others. In fact, she recently started a financial...

Jamar Sheffey was an entrepreneurial chef with a new catering business. When the pandemic hit, he and his wife, Katy, found their lives turned upside...

Romulo Mena grew up attending church, where he learned the biblical principle of tithing. As a young man turning his passion for extreme sports into...

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