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Airman's Family Sacrifices for Our Freedom

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

The heart of central California includes beautiful views and sweeping scenery of Santa Yenez Valley. It’s also home to Vandenberg Space Force base in Lompoc. Operation research analyst Brendan is stationed here with his family.  His wife Starr is a stay-at-home mom. With three kids and one on the way, Brendan is quick to point out Starr’s job is just as important as his.
Brendan says, “my wife, hands-down, is a rock star. I'm never worried about anything. She is the person that takes care of everything day-to-day, I trust her wholeheartedly.”

Starr replies, “God has me right where he needs me. And that's the job I am doing, staying at home, helping to raise and teach the children and making sure that things are taken care of so that’s one less burden Brendan has to worry about.”

Living on an airman’s salary with a growing family wasn’t easy. They needed new items for the baby plus school supplies and clothes for the older kids. However, their biggest financial challenge was thousands of dollars in student loans that would take years to pay off.  The couple lived on a very lean budget, committed to paying off the loans as quickly as possible. 
Brendan explains, "The Lord does not want us to be in debt. Our main goal is to get out of the debt that we are in, that way we can live a fruitful life and be able to help others.”
Starr adds, “Right now, the situation may not be where we want it to be. But down the road, we'll be able to break out of the bondage of this debt that we have.” 
Their pastor at Lompoc Foursquare Church reached out to CBN’s Helping The Home Front and asked if we could give the family some financial relief. Pastor Bernie Federmann told them CBN was taking them shopping for the new baby and the older kids.
Shocked, Starr says, “Awesome!" Brendan adds, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

And an even bigger surprise was in store. The pastor told them, “We're gonna cut your student loans in half.”
Starr responds, “God is always watching and he's always loving and he's gonna bless you. And this is definitely one of those times. Definitely.”

Then it was off to a shopping spree! Now that their student loan debt is cut in half, this military family is on the fast track to becoming debt free.  

Starr concludes, “I definitely pray that Helping The Home Front continues its mission. The mission that you all have is one that is going to continue to help keep our military community encouraged to keep pressing forward with the goal of sacrifice for country.”

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