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The 700 Club - June 14, 2011

Chef Barton Seaver shares the health benefits of fish and the story of Erik Bledsoe, who was so consumed with pornography and sex addiction that his doctor prescribed church.


From the left coast to your living room. We'll show you how Hollywood is pushing its politics right into your home. Welcome to The 700 Club. When I was running for president, it was cold when they did the first debate. There was snow on the ground. Here in the middle of summer they're having a debate in New Hampshire. That happened to me, too, when I ran. It did? It's a joke. Keep going, Pat. Snow is much better. But anyhow, seven Republican presidential candidates took to the stage last night in New Hampshire, debating everything from the economy to abortion to Sharia law. Well, our very own David Brody was there, and he actually has this look at what the candidates had to say. The night began with a bang as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann grabbed the spotlight. I filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the United States. Bachmann joins six others in the debate, but the main target wasn't on stage. He was in the White House. The Obama Administration is an anti-jobs, anti-business, anti-American energy, destructive force. And as for President Obama's health care law? I will not rest until I repeal Obamacare. It's a promise. Take it to the bank, cash the check. Bachmann's announcement and take charge performance caught the attention of mainstream media types. She's the one candidate as we've seen, and you've seen it as you've been out, who excites conservative audiences in ways that some of the other sort of established candidates do not. As for that issue of health care, Mitt Romney found himself defending the plan that he presided over as governor of Massachusetts. It required all individuals to purchase health insurance, something that has been compared to Obama's new health care law. Ours was a state plan, a state solution. Tim Pawlenty recently labeled the Massachusetts plan "Obamaneycare." Using the term "Obamneycare" was a reflection of the president's comments that he designed Obamacare on the Massachusetts health care plan. As for the big issue of entitlements, the candidates agreed something must be done. Medicare is going to be cut starting in 2014 by the federal government. While the economy is the number one voter concern, social issues like faith in the public square attracted a lot of attention. Congress should never prohibit the expression of your Christian faith in a public place. On the topic of Islam, Herman Cain had to explain a past statement that he may not be comfortable choosing Muslims to work in his administration. I would not be comfortable because you have peaceful Muslims and then you have militant Muslims, those that are trying to kill us. He got a defender in Newt Gingrich. Well, if you're not prepared to be loyal to the United States, you will not serve in my administration, period. What about radical Islamic Sharia law being applied as a defense in American courtrooms? I do not believe in Sharia law in American courts. We're not going to have Sharia law applied in US courts. That's never going to happen. On the life issue, Rick Santorum took on the question whether Romney's change from pro-choice to pro-life was believable. I think an issue should be in looking at any candidate, is looking at the authenticity of that candidate and looking at their record over time and what they fought for. People have had a chance to look at my record. I believe that people understand that I'm firmly pro-life. The GOP candidates are going to do all of this again just a couple of months out in Iowa. That Republican field at that time could look a lot different. Rudy Giuliani may be in. Governor Rick Perry of Texas may be in as well. And, of course, John Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, will definitely be in by that time. And so, the economy and the GOP field, very much the same: in a state of flux. David Brody, CBN News, in Manchester, New Hampshire. Still too early. It's hot. But anyhow, it's better to be in New Hampshire in the heat than up in New Hampshire in the snow, because it gets snowy and it gets cold. I recall one place up there. It was minus 20 degrees in an early morning. But anyhow, New Hampshire. It's an interesting state. But I don't think it has the clout it used to have. It used to be very, very determinative. But Mitt Romney, it's make or break with him. He's got to win New Hampshire. And if he doesn't, or doesn't win in handily, it's going to be looked upon that he's faltered. I think he skipped the Aims straw ballot in Iowa, which is a smart move. He won it by spending. He spent a million, two million dollars the last time around. It was a waste of money. But anyhow, you can keep up with the latest from David Brody on the presidential race by checking out the Brody File on CBNNews.com. Well, let's go to Lee Webb with more of the rest of our news. Lee. Pat, President Obama reaffirms his focus on job creation during a trip to North Carolina. That battleground state has an unemployment rate of 9.7 percent. Mr. Obama went there Monday to lay out plans to jumpstart job growth. The president also met with members of his job council, including top CEOs. You saw Jeffrey Immelt there of GE. The president argues that the current economic challenges didn't happen overnight, and it could take a while to get the country back to where it needs to be. Jobs were being created. They were not being created fast enough. Republicans counter by saying that the White House doesn't have people with ideas to create private sector jobs. It's interesting, Pat, that President Obama also said that those shovel ready projects weren't quite as shovel ready as they had hoped they would be. It sounded so nice. "Well, we're going to put money into shovel ready projects." Well, they didn't have any shovel ready projects. It's, again, smoke and mirrors. Ladies and gentlemen, the American people are saying, "We want reality. We want jobs. We want to go to work. We want the economy to move." And it's not moving. Well, Lee, let's go on with more politics. Texas governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is organizing a national prayer rally. That daylong prayer and fasting event is called The Response, scheduled for August 6th in Houston. Governor Perry says Americans must call on Jesus to guide them through these, quote, "unprecedented struggles." Governors across the country are invited to participate in the prayer rally. Some criticized the event, though, saying Perry should not use his office to promote a religious gathering. North Korea may have succeeded in creating a miniature nuclear device. That's according to South Korea's defense minister. If true, the new technology could allow North Korea to place an atomic warhead on a rocket. The defense minister says the north has had time to succeed in miniaturization, but he didn't offer any evidence to back up his claims. North Korea tried to detonate nuclear devices in 2006 and 2009. But, Pat, weapons experts don't consider either of those attempts a success. Well, Lee, the thing that they've got is those incredible missiles. They've got that Taepodong-2 missile which has the potential to reach the west coast of the United States from what I gather. It's a tremendous weapon. And if they put a nuclear warhead, even a small bomb, on that thing, it could cause untold damage. And it's a rogue state. Sooner or later, the nations of the world need to move against it. It's like a prison. The poor people of North Korea have suffered. They're stunted in their growth. They literally are shorter than their counterparts in the south. They weigh less, because they don't have enough food to eat. It's a terrible mess. And that little chubby dictator who runs the country brings in prostitutes and brings in imported wine and brings in all kinds of delicacies while his people are starving. It's an absolute scandal. Lee. In Great Britain, even very young children are dealing with obesity. The London Telegraph reports that hundreds of children under the age of three have been admitted to British hospitals to be treated for obesity-related diseases that normally don't appear until later in life. Two children, ages six and eight, have even suffered strokes that were apparently related to their weight. Some of the children have had gastric surgery. And one doctor says there are many more obese children who aren't receiving treatment. And doctors say many of them are being fed a diet of junk food. Pat. Well, it used to be the fish and chips at the Wimpy's and all the various other places in London were not too unhealthy. Now, one woman apparently was chopping up chips, which are French fries, a lot of sauce. Chopping them up and putting them in the baby's cereal, a year old baby. Listen, I've heard of worse. I've actually heard of people putting soda in baby bottles, like little baby bottles, and they'll put like soda in the baby bottles, where there should be milk or water. Well, they're doing it. And there are the results. And the Brits are paying the price. I don't know where we get all these stories about England, but, boy, we sure get a passel of them. That breaks your heart, one more time. It breaks my heart. England is a good place. We like them. All right. I like it. Yes. I like it. We do. Well, in the TV business, we're used to saying things like, "Don't change the channel." Well, up next, we're actually going to tell you times when you should, like when your favorite TV shows are actually brainwashing you. We're going to explain up next. Plus, later on The 700 Club, Bring It Online with our questions from Pat. Guess what? They're going to be live. So what do we want you to do? Don't change the channel. Coming up, we go fishing for the perfect seafood dish. My name is Roger Stump, and I'm a cancer survivor. The surgeon said it's inoperable. "It's already in your liver." My wife, Brenda, sat there and cried; and I'm thinking, "I can't die right now. I'm only 52 years old." I was so distraught. I've heard Cancer Treatment Centers of America have experience with pancreatic cancers. It was like night and day. The hospital just breeds an environment of hope. You get a CT scan, and the next morning the results were read to you. 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It's called Primetime Propaganda, and it shows how Hollywood executives, writers, and producers have used their influence to promote a liberal agenda. There are a lot of people who really have medieval minds in all sorts of ways, who aren't open to anything new, aren't open to anything reasonable. That was Susan Harris being interviewed by Ben Shapiro for his book, Primetime Propaganda. She is the creator of popular TV shows like Soap and Golden Girls. Leonard Goldberg, creator of hits like Charlie's Angels and Bluebloods says he's a moderate, but recognizes the problem. He notes that the late Ron Silver's career suffered after he became a Republican. Brilliant actor, brilliant. He felt very strongly that his opportunities were limited because of his outspoken feeling about his views. Friends creator Marta Kauffman says all of this is no secret. We all come from a certain place. We're going to put out there what we believe, because these characters mirror who we are. Plugged In Online's Bob Waliszewski says there is not a lot of openness on the left. Shapiro points out it needs to change, and I agree. He's like, "Come on, folks. In the Hollywood and TV industry, at least hire some people in some projects that are different than you, who are open to traditional values. How wrong is that?" And I want to say amen. Preach it. Well, joining us from Washington is the author of a book called Primetime Propaganda, Ben Shapiro. Ben, nice to have you with us. Hey, it's an honor. According to your book, you had a screenplay for an episode of one of the well know series that's on primetime. And what did your agent finally tell you about it? Well, essentially, my agent called me back three weeks after we had met, and he said, "I'm not sure we can represent you. We've got your stuff around town, and somebody Googled you. And they found your website." I've been openly conservative for 10 to 12 years. "And we can't hire you. Nobody in town is going to hire you based on your conservative values." What is conservative? Is it having to do with economics? Is it having to do with social issues? Is it having to do with war and peace? What is it? It's all of the above. The one that's really killer right now is social issues. If you're a religious conservative, if you're a social issues conservative, if you're anti-abortion, specifically, if you're anti-gay marriage, if you were pro Prop 8 in California, you will not work. That really is the bright line issue. You can actually be anti high tax. You can actually be pro war a little bit at this point, but you cannot be anti-gay marriage. If you're anti-gay marriage in Hollywood, you will not get a job. It's that simple. Whatever happened? The American people overwhelmingly vote for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. What is it with Hollywood? They're inserting gays one after another. As a matter of fact, straight actors are being forced to play gay roles. Yes. Well, I think in Hollywood, they tend to reflect their own lives. It's so funny. When you ask people in Hollywood, "Is this stuff that you're producing reflecting America or transforming America?" Those of us who don't believe in liberal values say obviously it's transforming America. But the people who make TV say, "No, no, no, it's reflecting America," because they're so insular. They're so insulated. They live in such an echo chamber that they truly believe that they are reflecting all of America when in fact, there really reflecting only their portion of America which is a very liberal portion of America. In reality the reflecting their own lives. They're transforming everybody else's, they just don't see it that way. You know, CBS had the ratings some years ago with things like Greenacres, and the Beverly Hillbillies, and all the shows that were sort of middle America, country, cornpone, whatever. I understand according to your book CBS just slashed the whole group of them. Just cut them out. That takes a lot of courage or maybe it's not courage. Maybe it's arrogance. I think what really happened there, it's really fascinating, this is the reason that TV is liberal today. It's because in the late 1960s, exactly as you mentioned, CBS had all these winning shows. Beverly Hillbillies, Greenacres, Petticoat Junction, they dumped all of those in favor of shows like M*A*S*H, All In The Family, and Mary Tyler Moore, specifically because there was a scam that was perpetrated on the advertising community. And now look, if the left didn't make any money of what they were doing, Hollywood wouldn't be successful. It is successful. But a successful based on what is basically a con job. Which is that people 18 to 49 are worth more than people who are 50 and above. That's why whenever you look at Nielsen ratings they say, well, here's the rating and here's the real rating, the 18 to 49 rating. Now if you think about that for half a second, you realize that makes no sense. Why should it be that people 18 to 49 are worth more? They have no disposable income. They have no savings. They're still working. They're not retired. So why would you target those people if your advertisers? The answer is TV lies to the advertising agencies. And this started in the early 1970s. And that's what really prompted the shift. So it was executives who wanted to be liberal, who wanted to program liberal, who looked at that and said, "Okay, let's target young audiences, because then we can say, with a certain amount of certitude, that liberal people want our programs," because young people tend to be more liberal. You know, the network executives, these are supposed to be businessmen. They're supposed to be trying to make a profit for their shareholders. How do they get conned? You know Pat, it's unbelievable. Even the executives are really interested in pushing a social agenda. I've spoken with Doug Herzog, who's the head of MTV networks, right, which is the parent company for both MTV and Comedy Central. He said absolutely we pursue social justice when we make our shows. I spoke with Barbara Fisher who is the VP of original programming at Hallmark Channel. She said, "Look, you're going to get treated differently in this business if you wear a McCain T-shirt than if you wear an Obama T-shirt." The fact is that even the executives across the spectrum in Hollywood are interested in not just making money, not just making in bringing in ratings, but in something a little bit deeper, in bringing a social value to what they're doing. Listen, they have to wake up in the morning and feel good about themselves, and the problem for them is that for a lot of them they're socialists. You live in these palatial estates off Sunset Boulevard, and you make a lot of money and how do you justify that to yourself when really you believe that all wealth belongs to the people and should be redistributed accordingly? Well, the way that you do that is by slapping America in the face. It's by saying, at least we're fighting the system. Sure we're making big bucks, but were fighting the system. And so they get some sort of satisfaction out of doing this sort of thing. You know, you point it out, and rightly so, that these guys are brilliant. They're very clever. Their stuff is quite funny, and they put these things out there; and if the messages are there, they're tucked in kind of subtly aren't they? Yes, it if it weren't good, it wouldn't work. I think this is really the key. This is why I think conservatives need to start understanding the power of narrative. Look, the Bible, Old and New Testament, it's all based on narrative, on parables. God understands that you really have to base things rooted in the human story, because that's what converts people. And that's what people in Hollywood do. They create a set of characters who you spend more time with in many cases than your own family unfortunately. People who are funny, and witty, and who you really want to spend hours on end with. And then they take those people, and they have been pursue behaviors that really don't agree and don't accord with your personal values; and it makes it very difficult for you to then to disown those values. It's the same argument that advocates of gay marriage made. The usual argument that they make is, "You can't be anti-gay marriage if there's a gay person in your family." Well logically there's no connection there. Why can't I be anti-gay marriage if there's a gay person in my family? Of course I can. But it's an emotional argument that has emotional weight. And they do the same thing in Hollywood. They create characters, friends for you, family members for you, and then they have those people be gay, or be single mothers, or pursue lifestyles choices with which you wouldn't agree, and it makes it difficult for you to say, "Okay, you know what, I'm anti-gay marriage, but I like watching Will and Grace." Well, you remember the flak about Murphy Brown, and she was going to have a baby out of wedlock and so forth? What's the deal with that? It's really funny, you know. I was going to interview Diane English. I mean, this shows how insular people in Hollywood are. The ones who did Google me and found out that I was a conservative wouldn't do interviews, like Diane English and Murphy Brown. Dan Quayle was right on the money when he said, "Look, it's a problem that Murphy Brown is pushing single motherhood." Of course it's a problem. And, in fact, Candace Bergen who played Murphy Brown 10 years later came out and said, "You know what, he was right." The fact is, of course he was right. But Hollywood does this sort of stuff on purpose. They see it as their mission to convert the rest of us. It's so funny, for a group of people who are anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, these are the single greatest set of cultural imperialists in world history. The book ladies and gentlemen is called, PrimeTime Propaganda. You have done an exhaustive study. You talk to all kinds of people in the industry. Many, many shows, things that you are familiar with. Ladies and gentlemen, Ben Shapiro's book. Where's your book? Is it everywhere? It's everywhere. Amazon, your local bookstore. Are you doing well with it? Is it selling? Yes, we're doing great. I would also encourage conservatives, please get involved in the entertainment industry. We need to understand it's not just about the politics, it's about the entertainment that shapes us. So let's get involved in the narrative. Let's hone our skills. And yes, let's use our money and our resources to start getting into it. Look, the left has done it for years. It's time for us to look at them and imitate them and take our culture back. All right, we'll take that advice from Ben Shapiro. PrimeTime Propaganda. You want to get a copy of it. Well for a sneak peek at the book, log on to CBN. You can look at it at CBN.com. And Kristi is now outside. It's a beautiful day here in Tidewater, Virginia, and she's going to teach us how to cook something. I don't know what you're cooking. I will be supporting the person who is. And, as you said Pat, we are outside because we've got bigger fish to fry. Up next, Chef Barton Seaver, that's him. He's going to show us seafood that's both tasty and, check this out: Eco friendly. Who knew? You ready? I am. All right. What makes the miracles of Jesus even more miraculous? Standing where they happened, in Israel. Come sail the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed a raging storm. 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Both bath and shower's are available to fit most any mobility need an available space. Choose the walk-in baths and showers commended by the Arthritis Foundation. Choose Premier Care in bathing. For your free information kit, call 800-606-6117 now. To listen to our top songs of the week go to CBN radio at CBN.com. Okay, so Chef Barton Seaver, he knows that there are plenty of fish in the sea. We've all heard that one, right? Well, one restaurant of his actually serves more than 75 different seafoods. Can you believe that? And what separates Barton from many other chefs is that he wants to make sure that there's even more fish in the sea for years to come. Hi, I'm Barton Seaver, Chef and National Geographic Fellow. Chef Barton Seaver is making an impact in the kitchen and on the environment. He began his career as a chef in top DC area restaurants. And today, he hosts the National Geographic Web series, Cook-Wise where he explores environmental concerns as they relate to your dinner. It's not all aquaculture is the same. In his new book, For Cod and Country, Barton sheds light on seafoods sustainability. And he also offers delicious healthful meals to satisfy the body while ensuring your favorite seafood will be around to enjoy for generations to come. So, please welcome to the 700 Club Chef Barton Seaver. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Good morning. It's a real pleasure. What a beautiful day. I know, we couldn't planned this if we tried. Well, you've always kind of been a seafood lover, but it all kind of started when you were younger with your dad on a fishing excursion. Tell us all about that. Well, you know, I came to food. It's a fluency that I have, because dinner was such a huge part of our family. In fact, it was where we became a family. Everybody have a place to give, to share, to receive, to really be really be part of a group. And you know, when I was out of college and looking for something, some structure in my life, food was right there. And I remember, just the glorious meals that my parents cooked. And they were intrepid cooks. They were great cooks too. Really my father specialty was seafood. And just all the tastes and the textures, and the palate, all the delicious differences that we have in seafood, really make it so much fun to cook. I love seafood and especially being here in Virginia Beach you've got a plethora of it. Absolutely. So let's talk about today. What do you have for us so that we can start rocking our stuff and eat some? Sure. Well one of the things that we're hearing so much about are omega-3 fatty acids and how beneficial they are, the cardioprotective benefits as well as the developmental benefits for pregnant and nursing mothers. One of the greatest options that we have is canned pink salmon. Literally, canned pink salmon cakes, one of my favorite recipes from the book. This is easy. It's a can of salmon comes right out of the bowl just like that. I love it. Some lemon juice, some dill, dill is one of my favorite ingredients for just that cool, crisp taste that it has. It really draws out the . . . ohh. I love dill. Yeah, it does. A little bit of mustard, mayonnaise to bind it all together and a little bit of bread crumbs. And really, this whole dish is just that easy. It really is. And you mix it together. Another one of my favorites, a little flavoring here, ground mace. Really? I never use mace. It's the lacy covering of a nutmeg seed. And it's got just the wonderful aroma to it that wants that sweet sauce. It smells like nutmeg. That sweet soft smell of nutmeg but a little more angular, almost sort of acidic in a way, that just adds a real savory punch to it. So, a little bit of that and then just mix this up with your hands, and you get these wonderful cakes here, just like this. And one of the best options is that for a family of four, for less than four dollars you can feed people delicious, heart-healthy meals. Okay, here's my question, so since you did, what was that, canned salmon that you were talking about? Absolutely. Instantly my brain went to tuna. Can we do canned tuna and use that same recipe, or does it not . . . . Absolutely, especially canned American albacore or American skipjack. Supporting American fisheries is a great idea, some of the best run fisheries in the world, ecologically, as well as supporting American jobs. Well, you know, one of the things we talk about when we talk about food, especially let's say our vegetables or gardening is that you eat in season, meaning whatever is in season, that's what you eat. But you kind of have that same concept for fish, right? Sort of? Yeah, sort of. It's something that we lost. We don't think of seafoods seasonally anymore, because frankly things like canned salmon, canned tuna, sort of betray our seasonality and run concurrent with all years. However, there's things like, especially here in Virginia, the shad runs, the bluefish, the striped bass that are so famous on this coast, the crabs, the softshells that really, just ebullient examples of the season of a time and a place, and oh! That first soft shell of the year is such an exciting time! And you sauté them up and then you gather your family around. Is that on? I think so. We might have gotten blown out here. Well, it's all good. Oh, let me back up. You've got flame. With the danger of blowing myself up here and you, too. There you go. Now it's going. So while that continues to cook, let's go over here. What are we doing here? This is some King Salmon. Now Alaska has some of the very best managed fisheries in the world. In fact, there really an example of what can be. People working in harmony with nature to provide for our needs provide for the needs of our children, ensuring these stocks will be around forever. Exactly. But also, good American jobs, heart healthy fish, some of the very economical like canned pink salmon. Some of the more luxurious, like King Salmon. And this can run very expensive, but the richness of it is so worth it. Well you know, got a question for you. Which is better, farm raised fish or wild caught fish? Well, like everything in the world, you can't sort of label it good or bad. And some aquaculture as it's called, is very good, such as the farm raised oysters, clams, and muscles. Those are actually restorative in their nature, giving back to the ecologies that they come from. And then, however there's some species such as some farmed salmon are not quite as good. Gotcha. All right, we've have a brine right here. So, first of all, as I pour this over the salmon, you're going to tell us what a brine is. Well, in this case, we're going to be hot smoking the salmon, so gently flavoring it as it slowly roasts in a warm environment and with smoke. Brine, is a salt and sugar mixture . . . . Did you see that I just brined my foot? I did. Oh yeah, good. It helps with the nail polish, and I'll explain why. Salt and sugar season the fish all the way throughout, and so it really adds taste and texture, thus making it more moist and delicious all the way through. And in this particular brine for smoking, which is a little bit saltier, we have a little bit of onion powder, garlic powder, salt sugar, and little bit of lemon juice. Mix a little bit of water, and there you have it. Well, here's the question. Now I stopped, but when you brine, do you covered the entire fish? Yeah. Is there a particular timeframe? Do you leave it overnight? Can you just have it for just a couple of hours? You know in the book I talk about this in terms of the different time ratios. Something like salmon that's fatty, it's rich, it's already moist, would probably brine for about a half an hour or so, 45 minutes. And then let it dry overnight. And what happens, is the salt draws out some proteins and as they dry out overnight, they become really sticky and so that's what the smoke adheres to. Well, speaking of smoke . . . . And that's where you get that beautiful rust, beautiful sunset color to it. Just look at this. So, this is a smoker. Oh, look at that fish! I hope we're doing somebody's close over here. You like that reveal? I love the reveal. Love the smoke, love the reveal, love the smell. So you can see here, we're cooking at only about 200 degrees, just a little bit under. So long, slow, smoldering flavorful cooking. Good stuff. I don't know what it is, but when you do the hoo-hoo! I just love it. It makes me happy. It's my morning food joy. I mean, just look at this. It is. It's a great joy. And you get that fatty richness of the fish and that light color to it. That looks delicious! That's absolutely beautiful. How long has this been cooking? This has been on for about half an hour now. Is that normal? Yeah. Okay. And so we'll let it dry out a little bit more. Alright, do we need to flip that? Yeah. We'll flip our cakes here. So, as we flip and as we look, can we eat? Is that tacky? We can. So we're a little bit behind on this, because we put them in the wind here. The glorious wind blown out. And it's TV. That's TV. Exactly. So what we have here. Is this the same thing that would come out with a smoker? What is this, is this the finished product? Yes, this is a finished product. This has been smoked for a longer time. This is the tail end of the fish, and so you can see it picks up that rust color, it's beautiful. And then we have another pink salmon application here which is pink salmon, a little bit of basil, just a little bit of chopped fennel. Real quick salad, talk about a summer feast. The kids are coming home for lunch. They're back from the pool, and you're running around crazy. Run out to the garden and just pick a few sprigs of basil. Open up a can of salmon. Chop up some fennel. Done. Now, can you eat it cold? I know that's a stupid question, but I wasn't sure. Absolutely. That's one of the joys of seafood. Sardines, straight out of the can, one of the best things we can eat for ourselves. And salmon in all forms is great. Fantastic. Okay, I'm going to take a bite, and I want you to give the audience that one last tip that if there's anything that you've learned over the years when it comes to just fish, what's the one thing you want them to know? As I eat. Well, I'd say that 90% of good fish cooking is buying good fish. Ooh, that's good! Thanks. So the best way to do that is to go introduce yourself to the man or the woman behind the fish counter and say, "Hey what have you got that's best, freshest, and most delightful today, most economical and fits my wallet?" And you know what, having that personal relationship, just the whole art of eating is about relationships, in bringing the family together, and so if we extend that relationship to where we buy our produce from, by our fish from, it just makes the whole process better. I tell you what, Bart, God bless you because here's the deal . . . . God bless salmon, too. . . . . I can't stop eating. So for more great recipes, check out Barton Seaver's book. It's called, For Cod And Country. Love the twist on the name. It's available in stores nationwide. So, I forgot to hold up the book. That's what's really important. I was talking about the book. Oh, can I say this really quick and then I'll go? This book is beautiful. I was looking at this earlier, and he was saying that his wife helped design it. Stunning! Here we go, the book again, For God and—For Cod . . . . For Cod And Country. For Cod and Country. All right, just buy the book. It's easier if you read it than me saying it. Barton, thank you so much for being here. Oh, thank you. I appreciate you. I look forward to sharing a meal together with you. Absolutely. That was really good. All right Pat, I'm throwing it to you. That's great. I understand that the cods have been fished out. There's hardly any of them left, and that is a dangerous thing for cod and country. Boy, that looked good. I'm going to say something about my dog, Blue. Blue loves vitamins. He loves fish oil, and when I start taking vitamins, Blue just stands beside me and he just goes nuts. He begins to whimper and cry, and then when I give him a fish oil pill, he's happy. So, the dog knows omega-3 fish oil. Well, we're going to switch from cod to a porn addict. He's on the verge of a mental breakdown. Doctor: He sat down and he asked me a thousand questions with his chart. And he said, Eric, I think as your doctor that you're going crazy. Hear how he silenced the voices in his head, coming up next. Obamacare is not only going to ruin our health care system, but it's going to put us so far in debt, we will never recover. Perhaps worst of all, it was concocted in an undemocratic process in locked rooms in the middle of the night. Obamacare was passed and rammed down the throats of the American people. In January after we delivered petitions to the House, they voted to repeal. Now the Senate is only four votes short of repeal as well. It's critical that you call today and add your voice to the new U.S. Senate petition. Even if you've signed a petition or made a call, do it again. And ask your friends to do it again. We don't want them to ever think that we're giving up so that they can give up. Call 1-800-899-5051 or go online to RepealItNow.org to sign the official petition. Together we can force Washington to repeal this costly and destructive law. Call 1-800-899-5051. Welcome to Washington for this CBN newsbreak. In New York it's down to the wire for same-sex marriage. With just days left in the current legislative session, attention is focused on four undecided Republican senators. All other senators had either have committed with 29 supporting same-sex marriage or 29 opposed. The New York State assembly has already voted in favor of it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have publicly campaigned to legalize gay marriage. At a press conference Monday the governor used his influence to make a last minute push. This is an issue of social justice in my opinion. This is an issue of social progress, and the Democratic party has always stood firmly on the side of social progress in rooting out injustice. Christian clergy leaders in New York hold a rally on the steps of City Hall today to try to head off efforts to legalize same marriage. We'll have more on this story on tomorrow's 700 Club. Harold Camping is in the hospital recovering from a mild stroke. Last month Camping predicted that the rapture would occur and all true Christians would be taken from the earth. When nothing happened, Camping said it was actually a spiritual judgment day. His new prediction, is that the world will end on October 21st. You can always get the latest from CBN news by going to our website at CBN news.com. Pat and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club right after this. When you look in the mirror, can you imagine erasing years of aging? That's what I used to look like. Lifestyle Lift takes only about an hour. See the difference immediately. I'm Linda. I'm 70 years old. Can you believe it? Call now for a free information kit. It's quick, affordable and takes only about an hour. Lifestyle Lift, a breakthrough medical procedure that helps remove wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin. Call now for a free information kit. Consultations are free. Call Lifestyle Lift today. Why are some people selling their gold and buying silver? Because all the silver mined in the past 200 years has been used up by industry and is gone. That's right, silver has become rarer than gold. But it sells for a fraction of the price. Scores of industries must have silver to make their products. It's uses are so varied, silver has been called a miracle metal. The Chinese, recently made it legal for its citizens to own silver. That's just one reason investment demand for silver is going through the roof. Investment Rarities, Inc. has been helping clients preserve wealth with silver and gold for over 35 years. They have delivered over two billion dollars in coins and bullion to their customers. And, unlike other companies who only sell you a certificate of ownership, Investment Rarities ships your silver right to your door. Call Investment Rarities now at 1-800-328-1860 for your free books and reports about silver. Learn how transferring just 10 percent of your assets into silver could be a good move. Call now. For years Erik Bledsoe was at war with his own mind. He wanted to get clean. He wanted to fight his addiction; and yet the more Erik thought, the worse he got, and the fight was driving him crazy. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I'm not a weird guy, but I swear to you it was almost audibly taunting me. Erik Bledsoe was held captive by pornography. He sat home alone, day after day. When you're alone with your thoughts, sitting on the couch, it's awful. I felt and knew that something was so broken and so wrong in my heart. He grew up in church and accepted Christ when he was six years old but walked away after a humiliating conflict with Christian leaders during college. I became very hurt and very bitter. I chose to run towards whatever would take me in. Erik dropped out of school and eventually moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. Alone in a new city, Erik turned to pornography for comfort. I just didn't want anything or anyone, and this was the only thing I could turn to, I thought. Pornography was a great narcotic, because it was whatever I wanted it to be. It lies to you that it will fulfill you, and then as soon as you've given yourself to it, it stabs you in the back. He eventually turned to women for companionship and bounced from one promiscuous relationship to the next. I needed intimacy to feel loved, to feel like I was validated as a man, to feel in control because my whole life was in a tailspin, to feel a sense of belonging to anything. He also started going to a strip club. That was my moment of "I am sick! I'm in a strip club, but yet, I can't even enjoy it, because I'm so overcome with compassion for this person, because I want them to be whole, and yet I am in the same boat as she is." Erik ran to the only people he could trust: his parents. They didn't know any of the things that I was doing. I got in a huge fight about the purpose and value of my life, and it got so bad that eventually they just said, "Look, we love you, and we are out of our league here. You need some help." He went to see a physician whose prescription caught him off guard. He sat down, and he asked me a thousand questions with his chart, and they started off medical, and they went more and more personal and psychological at some point. And he said, "Erik, the way that you believe and the things that you do are in such contradiction to each other that I think as your doctor, that you're going crazy." He said, "If I were you, as your medical doctor and not your pastor, I think the best prescription I could write you is for you to go to church." Erik drove home to Nashville and called a friend who just happened to be going to a Christian conference. He invited Erik to go along. I knew that I couldn't say no to the Lord forever. All of those fears and emotions and shame and guilt are so loud in my head, and they are playing like a tape, over and over, "You need to get out. You should not be here. Wait ‘til they find out what you've done, all of the things. They're going to reject you again. It's gonna happen, blah blah blah." Oh, it's so loud! He walked forward that night to re-dedicate his life to Christ. When I set my face to walk down the aisle, it just stopped. Me putting my foot in the aisle and walking up front to talk to anybody required absolute surrender because of how far I had been. Erik began studying the Bible and found a man who would mentor him. I was gonna die if I didn't change, and it might not have been the week after, but I was on a path to either take my own life or lose it just out of sheer depression and loneliness. The only thing that I have ever seen, that I have ever heard work is when you cultivate such a relationship with Christ that it becomes a greater high than logging on to porn, to be chaste and holy unto God so much so that to sell out for porn is like a joke. I'm practicing renewing my mind, being around men and women of God, trying to listen to the Holy Spirit, being in church, doing the right things, and slowly over time, one thing is replaced for another, and eventually, it just clicked. Today, Erik is married with a young son. I long to be faithful to my wife now. Why would I give up my home and my marriage and my family for fifteen minutes with a computer? I mean, come on! There is a place that is only meant for God, and when we try to take anything that's not God and fill that void in us with it, we also end up more empty and more alone, and more depressed. There is a God who sees you, Jesus, who knows the things that you're choosing over Him, the things that you've been a part of, and He is waiting to forgive you for those things. He has decided that He would rather die than live without you. What a time! "You're going crazy." Many of you are up against that. You started out in the church, made a decision when you were a youngster. Maybe you went to youth camp, maybe you were in the youth program in your church whatever. Maybe in high school you belonged to one of the clubs that is for born-again Christians. And then all of a sudden somebody gave you a magazine or else you flipped on to something on a computer and that stuff just memorized you. It just caught your attention. All of a sudden here are these women that don't have any clothes on in the good-looking women, and they're doing all these suggested things, and you'd never seen anything quite like that before. And it drew you in. And then you came back again, and again, and before long you were hooked. You see, it's the bait of Satan. Satan wants to destroy you, because he hates you. He hates God, and he hates somebody created in the image of God. You were made in God's image. You were made for God. Your delight and joy is only going to be in Him. But Satan wants to kill and to destroy you; and the question is do you want freedom? Would you like to be free? And if you want freedom right now, you want to break the bonds, I want you to pray. I want you to ask the Lord to come in and take over. Pray these words. Pray them from your heart. Don't be afraid. "Lord God," pray with me, "Lord God, I surrender to You, Lord. I know You created me. I know I belong to You. But I know I have broken your commandments and I have done that which is displeasing to you. And right now I'm under a sentence of Hell. I ask you, Lord, please forgive me. Please hear my voice. Please forgive me and set me free. And Lord, in the name of Jesus, I turn to you now, and I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and as the Lord of my life. And from this moment on, I am Yours. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer and thank You for coming into my heart." Now, if you prayed with me just then, the Lord is doing something wonderful in your life. You are free. Don't let the devil tell you that you're not. Sure, there'll be temptations along the way. You're not going to die. But there is temptation. I want you to start growing right now in the Lord. I have a little material for you. I have a CD and I have a little book of Scriptures. It's called "A New Day," and I'll give it to you right now free. And we also have another book called, "Trapped in Temptation," and how you can get free. So this booklet will tell you what the Bible says about pornography and what's happened to you and how you can get free. God wants you free, because He loves you. So call in, and say, "I prayed with Pat. I gave my heart to the Lord and from this moment on I am free." Let's give the devil a bad name. The Bible says that Jesus made a show of them openly, triumphing in His cross. Make a show of him openly. Pick up your phone and call right now and say, "Listen, I've accepted the Lord. I have prayed right now. I am free from pornography. I am free. I am free! I am free. And say it, and then say, "Satan, in the name of Jesus, I bind your power and from this moment on you have no hold over me." Call now, would you please? Let's get you started down the line. It's a toll-free number, 1-800-759-0700. Somebody's here who loves you. 1-800-759-0700. Kristi. Thank you so much Pat. Well, coming up later on The 700 Club, you know throughout the entire program we've been collecting your questions in our chat room. Well, guess what? Now it's time for some answers so stay tuned because we're going to bring it online when we come back. Hey Heather. Wave Heather. When you look in the mirror, can you imagine erasing years of aging? That's what I used to look like. Lifestyle Lift takes only about an hour. See the difference immediately. I'm Linda. I'm 70 years old. Can you believe it? Call now for a free information kit. It's quick, affordable and takes only about an hour. Lifestyle Lift, a breakthrough medical procedure that helps remove wrinkles, frown lines and sagging skin. Call now for a free information kit. Consultations are free. Call Lifestyle Lift today. Tomorrow . . . . . . . . a former pro makes a major league confession. Bernie Carbo: I had smoked a couple joints and then drank a couple beers. And if the cocaine was available, I would probably do cocaine from morning to night. Plus . . . . . . . . the guaranteed secret of success. Nothing is impossible. Learn about the law of unity. If you can get together, there is nothing you can't accomplish. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. Well, right now we want to introduce you to a man from Guatemala. He helps feed hundreds of people living on the streets every week right from his own kitchen. Nearly every week of the year, Giuseppe and his small team prepare soups, sandwiches and other foods, enough to feed 400-500 people. And they do it all in the small kitchen inside Giuseppe's home. Every Thursday night he serves that food from the back of his truck to hundreds of homeless men, women, and children who live in his neighborhood in Guatemala City. I believe God called me to the streets. I give them a meal, but my heart's desire is to share the Gospel with them. CBN and Operation Blessing have been supporting Giuseppe with financial help and donated food as he cares for the neediest members of his community, people like Alma and her children. For years the young family lived on the streets. That was one of the most difficult times of my life, that I had to commit a crime so my children could eat. But because of the kindness shown to her through Giuseppe's ministry, Alma prayed to become a Christian and also found work and a place to live. As the years passed, Giuseppe's vision to reach more homeless people has grown, but not his capacity to make enough meals. That's when CBN offered to help. We purchased a brand-new commercial size stove as well as a refrigerator, freezer, and other small appliances. Soon the kitchen was ready to go. Thank you. You have given us this wonderful kitchen! Operation Blessing and CBN are part of this blessing. Giuseppe is a perfect example of the difference that one person can make. He started it. Hundreds of people were blessed, and then others came alongside and partnered with him; and look at the difference that he's making in his own community. Do you know that you're decision to pick up the phone and partner with us can be that one decision that will just touch millions of lives? One person can make a difference. Would you like to be that person today and become a 700 Club partner just like Giuseppe did? Well, if you would, it's just 65 cents a day, $20 a month. That's all it takes to really just change not one life, but more lives than you could possibly imagine. Listen, I want to encourage you too, that when you do call to become a 700 Club partner, we want to bless you with this. We've been talking about this for the past couple of weeks; and I say this, but I say this with just true honesty. This is the best series from my perspective that CBN has ever done. It's called Life Beyond The Grave. It's living, true life testimonies of people who have either died and gone to Heaven or Hell and come back to share their experiences. And I can't tell you, you cannot watch this and your life not be changed. So, when you become a 700 Club partner, this is our gift to you. And if you also want to increase it, to maybe 700 Club Gold or even Thousand Club, we give you five of these. You keep one, and give the other four away. So, become a 700 Club partner right now. The number is there, and you can always log on to CBN.com as well. Well, you know what time it is Pat? I think it's time for Bring It On. It's time for Bring It On. Your hundred percent right. I'm waiting. Bring it on. I'm excited. All right, so here we go. Teresa just wrote in and she says, "I worked in a restaurant, and many of my coworkers wear low-cut tops to get better tips from their male clients. I decided to tell my boss. But rather than doing something, she started wearing low-cut tops as well. She said, ‘You don't tempt the man with what you wear, it's what you say to them.'" What do I do? If you like your job, it's what they do. I mean, are you're going to go into a strip club and tell them not to take their clothes off? I mean, you're working in a restaurant where this enticement goes on. Yeah, but I will say this, and maybe because I'm a woman. For me, personally, it annoys me when I go to a restaurant, and there's waitress with a low-cut top and she's bending over saying, "How may I serve you?" I'm like, really, do I want to see all that? Do you know I mean? Well, you don't, but the men do. Well, God bless them. I don't know. Okay, we're going to go to the next question. I don't know what to say to what you should do? I mean, if you don't like it, get another job. I don't know what else to say. Exactly. I would kind of say the same thing, Pat. I would say live by your own standards, and if that does not represent who you believe you should be, and put your clothes on girl. Don't compromise. No matter where you work, what you do, put your clothes on. Ashley says, "I'm watching the show, and I wondered why do you mix politics with religion?" That's a good question. "When did the presidential race become a part of the Bible?" I want to say this isn't a Bible show. The part of the first 20 minutes of the show was devoted to news of the world. We think the Christian people are very concerned about what's going on in our world. So we do mix events in the world with biblical prophecy from time to time as it's appropriate. But, the news of the world, I mean, it's not politics so much. I mean, what happens in Libya? What happens in the Soviet Union? The fact that we talked today about North Korea having a potential small nuclear device. All these things are important to us. Don't put your head in the sand and say, "Well I'm just going to read the Bible and be holy." I think God wants us to be informed. The Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge. And we believe that the Christian people should is informed as any other group in the world. All right. I totally agree. Absolutely. Tosha says, "I have an old friend, but my husband is not too fond of him. He wants me to stop seeing him and to stop talking to him. Should I listen to my husband or end my friendship? Pat, what do you think? Listen to your husband. I mean, that's ridiculous. I mean, she's carrying on this thing with this man; and her husband says I'm jealous. I don't like it. I'm afraid of what it might do to you, and what it might do to our marriage. Listen to him. God's given him a role in your life; and you know, go ahead, he's the high priest of the family supposedly. You know what Pat, I agree with you. I can't believe it. I know Hell has frozen over. Oh! Mark off one. All righty. A new day has dawned. The millennium. A new day. I know. I'm shocked, I'm shocked. All right, Martha says, I live on Social Security, and I have inflation indexed I-bonds. Did I say that right Pat? Yes, you did. They are paying well now, but I cannot afford to lose any money. Is money safe, or should I sell them? Good grief. I tell you, here's the deal, Martha. I don't want to get too complicated, but the United States dollar is being slowly debased. And that which pays dollar returns is going to buy you less over the years then something that is more tied to inflation. The so-called tips in inflation related bonds are okay, but I think your principle may be at some risk but what are you going to do? I don't want to tell you you're retired getting Social Security to sell your government bonds and go do something else. There are other ways of getting a larger return that it's safer, but far be it from me to get some retiree to hang out and get in trouble. I'm much more adventuresome in my investing, and I can do a lot better because of it. Bill Gross of Pemco is the largest bond guru, largest bond investor in the country, completely pulled out of government bonds, United States government. He just said it's the end. They're going down in value, because the value of the dollar is going down. All right, you got one more question? We don't have anymore. We now have to read about Jesus and give Scripture and talk about Him. Well, tomorrow, we're going to hear from a man who hit one of the biggest home runs in World Series history, and while he did it he was high on drugs. We leave you with these words from Ephesians . . . . "Be filled with the Spirit, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." Thank you so much for being with us. Tomorrow we'll be back. I might take the great dog Blue back on this program to let you see how he's doing. Okay? Okay Pat. Tomorrow, Blue. Here at CBN, we see amazing things happen when we stand together. That's why we want to say thank you to the thousands of you . . . . . . . . who recently pledged to join the 700 Club. Your monthly gift makes it possible to bring crucial help to those who need it most. You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . . . . . . and preach the Gospel across America and throughout the world. You've brought health and hope to people in desperate need. And changed their lives forever. Chen Xiu couldn't hear or speak. His parents were too poor to afford the speech therapy he needed. His mother prayed that God would help her little boy. That's when you were the answer to her prayers and provided Chen Xiu with the therapy he needed. You took them out of a silent prison and gave him hope for the future. So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge. This year millions will know . . . . The love and saving power of Jesus Christ. And that only happens, because you were there.


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