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Corbin Bernsen Promotes Film, “Mary 4 Mayor”

Mary 4 Mayor

"Mary 4 Mayor" starring Corbin Bernsen (LA Law, Life with Dog, Psyche) and Amanda Pays (Max Headroom, The Flash) is a collaboration with Home Theater Films and Regent Pictures - distributed by BMG-Global (released June 2021). Viewers can watch the movie by going here.

The story centers around a small-town high school student Mary, played by Cameron Protzman (20th Century Women, Mad Men), who decides to challenge the current Mayor over the future direction of her beloved home. Since the Mayor is also her father, drama heightens when she decides to enter the race and run against him. 

What began for eighteen-year-old Mary Parson as a retaliation against her father, who abandoned his family after a midlife crisis, turns into full-scale war as she becomes the lone challenger to his re-election for Mayor. During her campaign which is backed by her high school friends, she discovers what she believes is the cause of the town’s economic decline creating hopelessness in their community. Small businesses have closed their doors and Main Street is disappearing. The town, Echo Harbor, could actually use new leadership and forward-thinking and suddenly running for mayor takes on a whole new purpose. Mary comes up with some solutions that ignite and inspire the small town, turning it back into a great summer vacation spot. Unfortunately, amid this revitalization, she begins to uncover what has been working behind the scenes creating the economic slump and now is going to block her victory. She also discovers how she inadvertently became a part of the problem. Before Mary can do what she set out to do, she may have to overcome the same distractions and human pitfalls that plagued her father. 

Mary becomes so caught up with the power of her position and ignored how naïve she truly is. Consequently, Mary is easily manipulated and becomes part of a bait and switch scam. A local business owner and supposed “family friend” asks her to lobby to change local legislation so people can own more than one business. Mary thinks it’s because she wants to restore the community. The truth is that she wanted to buy local buildings and put pressure on others to sell or lose their rundown properties, all in an attempt to have them destroyed so she can build a local casino and resort. 

This movie begins as a story of "payback," but becomes a tale of a young woman’s novel ideas on how to reinvent her community and, in doing so, make peace with her father. Armed with facts, love, and faith, Mary works hard to save her Echo Harbor and her family but also learns some truths about how quickly one can lose their way in politics. 


A graduate of UCLA, Bernsen earned a Master’s degree in Playwriting but continues to jump between all mediums excited to explore the endless possibilities to tell a story. His career began with the NBC TV series LA LAW for which he received both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Along the way, he hosted Saturday Night Live, guest-starred on Seinfeld and Star Trek to name a few notable television appearances. Most currently he starred on USA Network's series Psych, Starz's American Gods, Netflix's The Punisher, and CBS Billions. He currently has recurring roles on The Resident for Fox and Magnum PI on CBS. Film roles include Disorganized Crime, Shattered, Tales From the Hood, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Major League. On the other side of the camera, he wrote and directed the films Dead Air, Rust, 25 Hill, Christian Mingle, Beyond the Heavens, Life With Dog, and his latest "Mary 4 Mayor."

With his wife of 32 years, Amanda Pays, he recently relocated to the Hudson Valley NY, remodeled a farmhouse, and has created two television series to be shot locally; “Blind Eye” as a vehicle for himself to star in and explore the elaborate and dark worlds of police work and Human Trafficking. On the lighter side there is "Woodstockers," a "grown-up" comedy about two old buddies who went to Woodstock, established their ideals for a better world, and never left! Now their past is catching up faster than they’d like. 

His most proud achievement however remains his family; Wife Amanda – who co-stars in "Mary 4 Mayor," and their four sons, Oliver, Henry, Angus, and Finley.

How To Watch "Mary 4 Mayor"

  1. Audiences can see it through Encourage TV on XUMO  on Channel 559.


  1. Go to BMG-Global  https://www.gobmg.com/encouragetv/ 
  2. Enter first and last name & email and check the box "I'm not a robot" 
  3. Now you are subscribed. It's a FREE subscription and you can watch "Mary 4 Mayor" through any of the following platforms (YouTube, Roku, Firetv, Androidtv, Xumo, Binge). Simply click on your favorite app!
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