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Beloved Solomon’s Kiss

As moonbeams danced with the rising sun, Mandy poured her coffee. She was reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. She sat in her overstuffed chair, bowed her head, and asked the Lord to make His Word relevant to her.

Mandy opened and began to read from Song of Solomon,

“The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.” SOS 1:1 (KJV)

She knew she already had a question. Who was this Solomon she was reading about? She knew He was the Old Testament king who had built the Temple, had written Ecclesiastes and parts of Proverbs, but did he represent more than this? She looked up the meaning of his name. She learned that Solomon comes from the root word for peace, sheloma.

“Lord Jesus, You are peace personified. So, is Solomon a prototype of You?”

Mandy thought of other Bible characters who represented Jesus, such as Joshua, David, and Moses. They were not Jesus, but their lives paralleled certain of His traits. She felt she was about to read a holy book representative of Jesus’ divine peace.

Mandy brushed the chill bumps from her arms and continued reading.

“Let him kiss me ...” SOS 1:2a (KJV)

Mandy closed her Bible. “This is too much,” she said. “I do not have a romance with You, Lord Jesus.”

Within Mandy’s spirit, she felt He was prompting her to understand beyond what words could express, the holy love He felt for her. Jesus did love her; this she knew, but what was this strange language she was reading?

Could it be, that Song of Solomon was an allegory of Christ’s love? After all, in the New Testament, she was represented as His bride. Mandy decided to test the theory. If Song of Solomon was, indeed, written as an allegorical representation of Jesus’s love for her as His bride, then she would see other congruent language.

She opened her Bible and read,

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth; for thy love is better than wine…” SOS 1:2b (KJV)

Mandy recalled a time of study where she had learned the custom of an Old Testament Jewish suitor. When a suitor was ready to propose, he would offer his bride-to-be a cup of wine. What was better than the wine? It was the “yes” his lady would say to him. If she sipped, and spoke, she was agreeing to her suitor’s proposal of marriage.

Mandy felt a warmth wafting through her window. It reminded her of the warmth she’d felt within her spirit as she received Communion while reflecting on her Savior’s sacrificial love, and the wine as representative of the blood He shed on Calvary’s cross.

“My Beloved Jesus, are You are saying my agreement to your marriage proposal is that precious to You? That I need to receive Your gift in order for it to be meaningful to me? You are worthy of my praise! Thank You for representing Your divine peace and love in this holy book, Song of Solomon. Draw me into a knowledge of You. Don’t let me miss a single reference to You.”

Mandy continued to read. Within the pages of this allegorical romance, she read about her Lord’s pierced, gem-set hands, the Communion elements, the myrrh and frankincense, and so much more. Mandy was immersed into a holy romance found within a holy book. Jesus’ divine peace and love flooded her soul.

“I’ve been kissed with the kisses of His peace,” Mandy said as she tarried. “I’ve been kissed by my Husband-King, my Beloved Peacemaker, whose name is Jesus.”

This devotion is a fictional story based on real-life events. Concepts outlined in this devotion are explored in detail in the book, The Kiss of Peace: An Intimate Exploration into Song of Solomon (awaiting publication). Copyright © 2018 Diane Virginia, used with permission.

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