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Watch Expectantly for the Lord

In Colorado, up in the high country, there are tall towers with enclosed platforms where park rangers used to spend their days and nights. Binoculars slung around their neck, high-powered telescope pointed out the floor to ceiling windows, watching the mountains for any sign of fire or avalanche. It’s a lonely life and monotonous. I suspect these rangers scan the landscape constantly watching for any sign of trouble. They are probably relieved when their shift ends without a tragedy. However, their diligence is rewarded if they spot a spark and can direct responders into the forest. I imagine as soon as they make that call, they continue watching until they see help arriving.

There’s a multitude of fires in our lives today. There’s a “fire” called cancer. For some it’s called disintegration, watching a family fall apart due to an unfaithful spouse or a wayward child. Missionary friends battle a demonic fire far from home. And there are those taken in the firestorm of some form of captivity. 

The prophet Micah came from a small town in an agricultural area southwest of Jerusalem. He prophesied during the reign of King Ahaz. As Micah penned his warnings to the nation of Israel, he proclaimed;

“But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me." (Micah 7:7 NASB)

Micah says he watches “expectantly”. He expects an answer. In the “fire” of today, are we watching for rescue or merely hoping for it?  Sometimes we get so focused on circumstances and desperate prayer that we forget to watch for an answer. 

I want to encourage you, in your fire, to climb the steps of the watchtower, to stand by the window, binoculars around your neck, scanning the countryside. Look for the healer to come around the bend. Catch a glimpse of the deliverer coming into view over the hill. See the Savior coming down the road toward you. Look out that window frequently and check the road first thing every morning. Say with Habakkuk,

“While standing guard on the watchtower, I waited for the Lord’s answer.” (Habakkuk 2:1 CEV)

And rest in the assurance of the last part of Micah’s words, “My God WILL hear me.” Will is a definitive comment, a period. In Matthew Henry’s commentary he states, “God will not disappoint the believing expectation of those who wait to hear what He will say to them.” 

In the end, we will say with Isaiah, “…Surely this is our God we trusted in Him and He saved us.”  Isaiah 25:9 NIV 

Copyright © 2020 TonyaAnn Pember, used with permission.

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