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Family Matters 02/24/11

unPLANNED: A Story to Challenge Any Parent

From the moment I read the first page, I was hooked on Abby's story. How could a leader deeply embedded in the Planned Parenthood movement decide she couldn’t do her job anymore? What prompted such a change in heart? Veteran writer and editor, Cindy Lambert, who writes in an easy-to-read and emotionally connecting style, beautifully tells the true story of Abby Johnson’s eye-opening journey from volunteer to Planned Parenthood director. unPlanned is a book your teen, young adult, and every parent should read.

Here’s a Christian college student, raised by wonderful parents, eager to serve and make a difference in her generation, persuaded at Texas A&M to become a volunteer for Planned Parenthood. The hook for Abby was the promise to help women in crisis and reduce abortions. Lambert captures Abby’s thoughts as she becomes deeply entrenched in the ideology of Planned Parenthood. And that is what is so compelling. As you read the thoughts of this young woman who has a heart of compassion for others, a desire to help women and loves those who cross her path and care, it is eye opening to see how easily we can justify the means because of the end. 

Many of you will undoubtedly identify Abby with your own daughters. Raised in the church by loving parents, Abby falls victim to believing in a cause without fully exploring the reality and implications of it. Her own wounds and struggles contribute to her choices. Yet, her parents remain consistently loving. The story builds to a climatic point in which Abby sees the truth and realizes she has been duped by lies.

For me, the power of Abby Johnson's story is the love that is shown to this young woman by the people who are on the other side of the abortion issue. Those who show up each day at the Planned Parenthood clinic to quietly pray, demonstrate unconditional love that is impossible to resist. Abby’s parents, who oppose her views, continue to love and pray for Abby’s eyes to be opened. The journey of unconditional love and the power of prayer give hope to any parent who believes his or her child is making unwise choices. It is love, not condemnation that wins the day.

If you are a parent of a teen or young adult, unPlanned will give you hope. It will point you to the power of love over the temptation to judge and condemn. It will challenge you to never give up and encourage you that God orchestrates what we cannot see in order to work on our behalf.

Thank you Abby Johnson for having the courage to be honest and true to what you believe. Thank you Cindy Lambert for bringing her story to us! And thank you God that your Word is true. Love never fails. 

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