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Feeding Hundreds of Families

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, ministries across the country are still seeing long lines at food distributions. In Texas, Pastor Sarah Alexander runs Seeds, Time and Harvest Ministries.

She says, “Before the coronavirus, we started out and we was only feeding maybe sixty families, and now we’re up to 400, 500 families every two weeks. So the need has grown a lot since the virus has come about.” 

“Since the coronavirus, hours have been cut at work, finances going from two incomes to one - not even one. Makes a huge difference trying to pay bills and pay rent, eat, raise kids. It’s hard,” shares Jerry Schodosky.

“With the loss of income, it’s definitely living paycheck to paycheck,” says Christopher James. “It has provoked a new way of thinking about survival.” 

“It’s been difficult,” said Heather Patterson. “Just a lot of stress and just praying to God things will get better.”

The ministry partners with Operation Blessing. Throughout the pandemic, they’ve received food from Operation Blessing to help sustain their community.  

“Operation Blessing has been a blessing,” says Pastor Sarah. “There’s families that are unemployed, so we reassure them that we’re here, and that Operation Blessing is backing us, so you don’t have to worry about food right now. And we’re thankful.”    

Christopher says, “I think that, community-wise, the love and support of Operation Blessing, all the donors that are involved, I think that that helps to create a more uplifting experience for all those who have been devastated by coronavirus, and so we thank you.”

“The outreach of this church, they have been a blessing, they have helped a lot of families in need and we’re really grateful for them. It means a lot. A whole lot,” said Heather. 

“Thank you. From the bottom of my heart and anybody else’s heart that can come up here and get help like this, that’s- that’s everything,” Jerry said.

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