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Why Would God Want to Hang Out with a Bad Person Like Me?

Hey, none of us are perfect.  In fact, the only perfect person was Jesus Christ.  We all fall short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23) and have sinned. 

For a long time I didn’t like that word “sin” but it became a whole lot more palatable when I understood it didn’t mean I committed heinous acts, but simply made mistakes, and these mistakes or lack of perfection, (which is unattainable for all of us humans ), separated me from God. No matter how hard I try, I will never be perfect. 

No one’s perfect, not even Christians, and don’t let them tell you they are.
I also thought the Bible was full of perfect people and only those people were “qualified” to have relationships with God, but in fact that is also not true.  The Bible is full of imperfect people (Moses and David, for example, were considered pillars of faith) who did sin, but still had close relationships with God.  Perfection has never been a pre-requisite to hang out with God, only a desire to meet and know Him.

But since we are all human, we do like to put on a “good face” and make it seem (or pretend) like everything is just fine.  It’s kind of like when someone asks you how you are and you answer “fine” but in reality your world is crashing down around you.  It seems easier just to wear the mask, or put on the “perfect act.” 

People are fallible human beings, regardless of their faith affiliation.
In addition to Moses and David, there are lots of stories in the Bible about all kinds of folks with checkered pasts and poor decisions, many of which I can identify with; stories of lust and greed, promiscuity and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

But the great news is that God loves me anyway, and wants me to be His best friend.  No matter how “bad” you think you think you are God would love to hang you with you.

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