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Judging Others

We are called not to judge others, but to live humbly, showing love, compassion, and discernment.

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Bible Teachings on Judging Others

Do you judge others? Is it easy for you to find fault with those around you? Then beware: your spiritual life is in danger.

Questions about Judging Others

Capital punishment is unfortunately a necessary corrective to violent crime.

If you've ever felt like a spiritual loser because you’ve consistently failed to maintain or master the traditional spiritual disciples, you're not...

Jesus and the apostles understood clearly the human tendency to put down others. Among Christians, this even takes the form of questioning another's...

A person’s holiness cannot be measured by comparing it to some uniform standard of behavior that is expected for all Christians across the board.

For a long time I didn’t like that word “sin” but it became a whole lot more palatable when I understood it didn’t mean I committed heinous acts, but...

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Devotionals about Judging Others

Various interpretations abound for two Scripture verses found in Proverbs 25. This author urges us to view verses 21 and 22 in light of God's...

It's inevitable that we will have people around us and in our lives that have a walk with the Lord that looks different than ours. However, we are...

We've all had moments of judgment and condescension toward others. It's not in keeping with Jesus' character and we need to confess it and rid it...

Some people can seem larger than life—especially those who accomplish things that most of us cannot even fathom. Read how Paul and Barnabas handled...

It’s amazing what a little DIY project can reveal about biblical truths. Take a look at the similarities in your life as you read this devotion. The...

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Videos about Judging Others

Lizzie Velasquez has weathered the cruelty of online bullying, but responds with kindness. Now she's showing people how to change the world through...

A mission to poke holes in the gospel leads to a stunning transformation when Lukas has a change of heart.

Articles on Judging Others

Christians are called to share the truth about Jesus even in the midst of a hostile culture. But how?

Unexpected consequences of social media are contributing to division and moral views in society.

It is critical that we have a right definition and understanding of what forgiveness is and isn’t. 


Golden Rule "Othering"

When we give an account for our own lives, bowed before God, we are in a place of humility. When we judge others, we forget we are not God, and we...

It is time to stop the stigma placed on those who live with bipolar disorder. Find facts, not fear, in this article.

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