Gold Rush Star Launches New Show with Purpose

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Star, mining boss on Hoffman Family Gold (2022), The Discovery Channel / Star, mining boss Gold Rush (2010-2018)

Christian businessman; Co-founder, Sober Living OR Recovery Center

Men’s prayer group leader; William Jessup University, Multnomah School of the Bible

Married to Shawna, three kids, Hunter, Hudson, and Olivia. 

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When the Hoffmans stepped away from Gold Rush in 2018, the family was in need of a break. “Being on a reality show is not glamorous,” Todd says of having cameras all around and the hectic schedule. After eight years on the show and living in motor homes, they needed time to repair their family and rest, he admits.

When they stepped away, Todd told his wife, kids, and father, “I don’t care about fame, I care about you. The world cannot offer anything sweeter than what Jesus gives,” he says. “Family is number one.”  

On March 25, 2022, the first of their 11-episode return to The Discovery Channel in Hoffman Family Gold launchedThe new show includes some important changes in what viewers will see. It was very important to Todd and the family to let their faith shine through this time; for example, making onscreen amends when there was conflict, and showing them praying. “We love Jesus Christ and there’s something spiritual happening on this show,” he says. His hope is to have a season two and three, if all goes well.  


But this time around, the popular miner will be providing audiences an intimate look into his family and how they rely on their faith to help them navigate an extremely tasking gold mine in Alaska.

Hoffman first went mining with his father when he was a teenager. It was something that his father dreamed about. The family took the chance in 2008-2009 when gold began increasing in value and skyrocketed during the recession. This led to the launch of “Gold Rush” on the Discovery Channel in 2010. They began mining undercapitalized with their friends on worldwide television. They mined for many years in Alaska, Yukon, Colorado, Oregon and the jungle. The Hoffmans retired four years ago and thought they were done. Then COVID-19 hit.

The family began putting things back together again to go on a new mining excursion, and the Discovery Channel “missed” them, he said. “We don’t want this to be a dark reality show where people throw wrenches at each other. I said, ‘[Yes], If you guys can agree to allow us to pray, if you guys can agree to allow us to be us, and on TV encourage everybody in the world, not just Christians, anybody.' They said, ‘You know what? We’re game. We want you guys back, the Hoffman’s back.’” 

“I became a Christian when I was young, and I really took my faith serious. My father was an elder at the church. But I feel like maybe my faith really got cemented around 15-16 when some of my buddies decided they wanted to go drink and do certain things like that. So I just took a path on my own, and it was lonely. I got to be honest with you,” Hoffman shared.

“The Christian path isn’t the easy path. But as we all know, it is the path that takes us to salvation. We are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Our sins are covered by His blood and His sacrifice. And I truly accepted that sacrifice,” the Oregon native testified. “Having said that, I’m no poster boy for the faith. But I’m telling you right now, my family, we love Jesus, we represent the best we can, our faith and our values.” 

“My faith took me into the business world. I’m a tech guy. I was in the dot-com era. I sold a dot-com company back in the day. I’m an inventor. I do a lot of different things,” he added. “We do real estate. That doesn’t mean I’m a super millionaire, because I’m not. I just really like television, the creation of it, the filming of it.”

“At the end of the day, you can have all the money, you can have the best job in the world, you’re still going to die, and you’re still standing before God,” he continued. “He’s going to open up the book, and your name is in there, or it isn’t in there. He’s going to say, ‘Maybe you did a lot of good things, but I don’t know you.’ The most important thing in our lives, the words that we want to hear is, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ Because all the things of this world, including gold, all will pass away. And it’s a single journey between you and Jesus Christ. This is where the crux of everything is and that’s why I love being on television because there’s no other medium that you can reach [so many].” 

“Hoffman Family Gold” takes a more intimate look at the family. The leader of the Hoffman crew really wants people to see the positive impact the patriarch of their family has on everyone. “I want you to know how good my father is and what a wonderful person he is and how he loves people and how many people he’s encouraged in his life,” Hoffman commented.

“I want you to be encouraged by my father. I want you to see the relationship with me and my son, which isn’t always easy. I want you to see that you can get around differences and do your best and see if you can support your kids because what they have to deal with nowadays with pornography and everything else that’s coming at them is a lot harder than what we had.” 

Hoffman insisted that his family is not in this for fame or riches. “We are supposed to be good stewards as Christians,” he noted. “What we do is we dig up the gold, we process the dirt, we put the dirt back, and then we replant over the top. It’s called reclamation.” Hoffman has two nominations for reclamation awards in the Yukon.

Because of their honest work, they believe that they have stayed in good graces with God while proudly representing Discovery Channel. “We’re clean miners. We recirculate the water. We don’t pollute anything. We don’t use a bunch of chemicals, things like that. We’re just surface mining,” Hoffman maintained.

“We are not perfect. The show’s not going to show perfect Christians, but they are going to show our faith and that we do love Jesus Christ and we are sold out on the saving grace of Christ. We want everybody to be encouraged in that. We want everybody to know that God has already won. We have already won the battle,” he ended.  

Hoffman has a message for families everywhere. “I know that there’s times that are looking really rough right now. There are scary things that are going on in the world. This was foretold,” Hoffman stated. “We knew it was coming. So gather your family, pull them off the internet a little bit and start going out and doing some activities. Get out. If you want to gold pan or do anything, rally around your family because we are coming towards what I believe is towards the end. We need to gather as many people to Jesus as we can.” 

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