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Making Your Meals Vivid

When we do things often, they can eventually seem mundane and dull.  I remember having the same food for sack lunches when I was young.  It seems like we had different combinations of the same things for dinner growing up.  And now that I prepare most of the meals for my family, it can seem daunting to keep it fresh and healthy.

Finding food to be vibrant can be difficult, only because it can be hard to think outside the box. For many years I ate the same ol’ breakfast; cereal and carnation instant breakfast --- or nothing at all.

I was always under the impression that making meals took way too long and I just didn’t have time to cook all day.  Especially breakfast!  I was all about getting food quick so I could run out the door.  My breakfast cereals were packed full of color, (my favorite was Fruit Loops) but all artificial colors and no nutrition.

Breakfast can sometimes be the hardest meal to find something that's different and full of nutrition.  You might be able to find a cereal you've never tried before, but you likely won't be full of anything but empty carbs.

Artificial colorings have been regulated in the EU stating “this product may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children”.  In 2009 the British asked food manufacturers to stop using most artificial colors and to replace them with dyes made out of foods.  We have many of the same products on our shelves that they have in the UK, but the products there have different ingredients, leaving out the artificial dyes.

The sad part, is that most of these dyes and flavors are found in kid’s foods.  And there’s no argument that under the EU’s testing, the dyes are linked to cancers as well as hyperactivity and attention disorders in children.

Once I became aware of these types of dangers I began to eat differently.  I looked at my meals differently. I began to cook.

Cooking became fun, and meals such as breakfast involved no cooking at all.  My breakfasts became full of fresh fruit topped off with nuts, seeds and coconut.  I also began blending fruits, nuts, seeds and even veggies into smoothies.  My breakfasts became vivid with natural colors and nutrition, which my breakfast cereals lacked.

My journey had begun.  Once I changed my breakfast habits, the other meals followed.  Instead of choosing white bread with some lunchmeat full of preservatives and salt, I began to make these vibrant salads with loads of veggies and sometimes fruit.  Eating the rainbow became very easy because I was excited about what was on my plate.  It all looked so good and tasted delicious!  And come to find out “cooking” didn’t take all day, nor was it hard.

As a matter of fact, sometimes our walks with the Lord can seem mundane and routine, almost like some bland or artificial colors have taken place of vibrant joy.  We believe that we can’t really separate our spiritual conditions from our physical well-being.  So purpose to make your food more vibrant, and consider your faith life and how that too can be more colorful, healthy and vibrant.

Do you feel like you don’t even know where to start?  Start by changing out one meal from your day and purposing to add fresh fruits and veggies with an array of color.  And to make it easier on yourself, don’t even cook it.  Try some things raw.  It takes no time at all!

Need help to find ideas.  Check out our Plumb Wellness site www.plumbwellness.com for some great vibrant nutrition packed with quick and easy meals along with smoothie recipes.  If you need help with getting started, shoot me an email. I’d love to chat with you on how you could begin.  

Remember, eating foods full of color and nutrition doesn’t take that long and they can leave your taste buds watering for more. Ready to get started?

From Faith & Fitness Magazine April/May 2015. Reprinted with permission. Copyright © Faith & Fitness Magazine and Lifestyle Media Group. Faith & Fitness Magazine is a lifestyle resource to build physical and spiritual strength. It helps readers make connections between the Christian faith and the fitness lifestyle. To contact the publisher of Faith & Fitness Magazine, Brad Bloom, for reprint permission, e-mail brad@faithandfitness.net.

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