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healthenews 10/12/09

Obama, Homosexuality, Iran

Mission America, a group that fights aggressive homosexuality and occultism, states what was already obvious months ago. Now after the President's Saturday speech before the nation's largest homosexual advocacy group, the group says, "Barack Obama is the most pro-homosexual president in our nation's history."

This is more than sad. People need to be aware of the deadly consequences of homosexuality and all the other perversions being promoted in our culture. In general, those who follow those paths pay a dear price both physically and psychologically. This is to say nothing of the ultimate spiritual price to be paid. As Mission America regularly points out, it should be unthinkable that we would promote anything but real marriage to our school children.

On another front, there are deadly possibilities lurking in the approaches being taken toward Iran's nuclear program, missile testing, and threats against  Israel. The diplomatic dithering and lack of decisive action against Iran could spell the death of millions. Canada's Toronto Sun carried an editorial about the Iranian "slippery slope" with comparisons to how the world let Hitler go so far that it was too late to avoid the horrors of WWII.

While our health reporting at CBN News focuses narrowly on the nuts and bolts of health, we must never forget that threats to life extend far beyond the dangers of hydrogenated fats, microbes, insufficient exercise, and lack of health insurance portability. We owe that to our readers and viewers, to our children, and, yes, to God. 

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