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New Religion Changes Nepal Community

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

There were no Christians living in Ganga’s village in Nepal, but he and his wife, Laxmi, had heard about Jesus.  CBN sponsored several outreaches in this remote village.  

Laxmi said, “They gave us New Testaments and gospel books. When we read them, we really liked it.”

Ganga said, “In the early days, the kings forced us to believe in Hinduism, but it did not give peace or meaning to our lives. We were desperate for peace even if it meant changing our religion.”

“I talked with my husband and we agreed that as a family we should believe in Jesus,” said Laxmi.

When Ganga heard a CBN medical team was coming to his village, he volunteered to help carry their supplies. During the two-hour walk, the sun set, and the villagers used flashlights and mobile phones to light their way.

Ganga said, “I asked the team about God, and about how to become a disciple of Jesus.”
The next morning, Ganga brought his wife and two children to the medical clinic at the school. But they weren’t there to be treated.  They were there to pray and give their hearts to Jesus.”

“After the Hindu rituals we always got drunk and fought each other,” explained Ganga. “After we prayed and believed in Jesus, we changed.  We are more humble and polite, and we are loving to everyone.”

After seeing the changes in Ganga and Laxmi, people wanted to know more about Jesus. So, the CBN team made another trip to share the gospel with other families. The team also brought a television, solar panel, DVD player, and gospel videos, so everyone can learn more. And for the children, we left a complete season of CBN’s SuperBook.

Ganga said, “Your team came and helped our community with medical care and education. Not only that, they taught us about God.”

Ganga and his family are the first Christians in their village.  They have Bible studies in their home and invite anyone who’s interested.

“Because of what you did, we received new life and many blessings,” said Ganga. “For that, we thank you.  Praise the Lord!”

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