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Hollywood Insight 06/03/20

New Music to Lift Your Spirits

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Bethel Music: Revival's in the Air

Revival’s In The Air was recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Executive produced by Bethel Music co-founder Brian Johnson and CEO Joel Taylor, with assistant producers David Whitworth, John-Paul Gentile and Matthew Ogden, the album is a declaration of steadfast faith in the promises of God. 
"The last two years we’ve been through a lot of really difficult things as a community, but we have felt the presence of God so strongly through it all," Brian Johnson says. "We started our new album during all of this and have watched the Lord guide us through each stage of the process. This album began with a theme, 'God of Revival.' Although we changed things as we tried our best to follow what He was saying, we always came back to REVIVAL." 

Cochren & Co.: "Who Can"

"I’m so excited for you all to hear this! Our lives can get messy. But Jesus doesn’t run FROM our mess, he runs TO our mess. I hope this song helps you to know how much Jesus loves you." - Michael Cochren

Jamie Grace: "Marching On"

"I wrote 'Marching On' about having Tourette Syndrome. I hoped that it would be relatable for anyone facing any kind of adversity, health related or not, but did not think it would resonate so much with the heaviness in our country in relation to blackness, race and racism. But it does. And I couldn’t be more proud of that.

For the kid with Tourette, for the black woman feeling overwhelmed, the teenager with ADHD, the mixed race family battling tough conversations and unknowns, the teenager being bullied online, the black man afraid he won’t come home tonight, the parents of black children sitting down to give them the talk on race this week... we are warriors. We are beautiful. Even with our scars, we’re marching on - cause we are fighters." - Jamie Grace

Jesus Culture: Church Volume One

Church Volume One (Live) returns to who Jesus Culture was from the start; a family with a collection of songs that reflect who God is and what He is doing in their church and their lives. They captured lyrics and melodies that carry a new sound for a new season. 

Kari Jobe: "The Blessing" (cinematic version)

"I have cried so many times as I’ve watched different people all over the world declaring the blessing over their families, their churches and their nations," shares Kari Jobe on the impact of "The Blessing." "God is a God of His word and this song is straight from scripture. I love how He never changes and is always with us and for us. That brings so much peace, especially in a season of disappointment, uncertainty and fear like we have all been waking through this year. 'The Blessing' is truth that we can declare daily over our lives, families, and others. So grateful."

Latice Crawford: "Something Something"

"For those who find themselves looking for SOMETHING, allow me to introduce you to the SOMETHING [of all] SOMETHING's • And we're gonna dance too!"

"It is my hope that the story God has given me brings listeners on a relatable journey through the human experience and the power of going through it all with Christ. I want them to know that my story is our story, and that there is a loving God that cares about every aspect of our lives." - Latice Crawford

Mandisa w/ Jon Reddick: "You Keep Hope Alive"

"With everything happening in our world today, the timely message of 'You Keep Hope Alive' is a declaration to our souls that God is still on His throne, and specializes in bringing beauty from ashes," Mandisa says. "My prayer is that God will use this song to remind us, His children, that our hope is alive because our Savior, Jesus, is alive."

Northpoint Worship: "O What A Miracle"

The Gospel story is prominent in “O What A Miracle.” It is a song “inspired by just thinking about the Gospel story, thinking about Jesus, and specifically a scene that I love in Scripture where the cousin of Jesus, John the Baptist, turns to his followers and points them to the Messiah saying, ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’,” shares Condrey. “And one calling that we have as worship leaders, pastors and believers, is to take that same spirit that John the Baptist had and point people to Jesus, saying ‘behold the Lamb of God, He's the one that you need to be following and trusting in.’”

North Point Worship, part of North Point Ministries global network of more than 90 partner churches, releases songs organically sown in the local church and written, recorded and led by the group’s team of songwriters and musicians.

Planetshakers: "I Remember"

“When we remember who Jesus is and what He has won for us, the things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace,” says Russell Evans, Planetshakers Founder and Senior Pastor, reflecting on the current world pandemic and the message of the new single.

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