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Hollywood Insight 09/20/16

Brett Dalton's The Resurrection of Gavin Stone: Thoughts on the New Trailer

Brett Dalton in The Resurrrection of Gavin Stone

I try not to be critical, but I'm a film critic. So, yeah, I'm technically paid to be -- to some degree.

When it comes to Christian films, the movie-watching experience hasn't always been the best. And typically when an email pops up in my inbox promoting a new faith flick, I catch myself mid-eye roll. It's involuntary, I promise; and I'm getting my heart right about it.

And, I can't lie. It happened again, yesterday, when I received a message promoting the new trailer for an upcoming film titled The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. (The name alone raises some eyebrows, am I right?!)

Opening the message, I was greeted with what felt like an all-too familiar character and storyline -- a famous bad boy has to do community service and is miraculously placed where he'll find God.

Then, I spotted two names in the copy of the email -- Brett Dalton and Dallas Jenkins. Brett, you might recognize from ABC's primetime TV show, Marvel's Agents of Shield (which starts its fourth season tonight). Dallas is a filmmaker and the son of bestselling Christian author, Jerry B. Jenkins.

Now, I'm intrigued. I watch the trailer and... I'm pleasantly surprised. Though the plot and characters don't appear truly original, the movie looks heartfelt and funny. Naturally, I'm anxious to see on January 20, 2017, when the movie releases, if all of the good bits are in the trailer (a sad occurrence in film) or if The Resurrection of Gavin Stone has much more to offer.

Check out the trailer for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone...

So, what do you think? Will you see The Resurrection of Gavin Stone when it releases in January?

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