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Military Family's Fight for Their Home

Dory Nissen - 700 Club Producer

Special Ops Medic Micah has seen his share of combat on the battlefield in Afghanistan. His wife Courtney is extremely proud of her husband’s decorated military career.  

Courtney says, “It takes a special person to be willing to go. Knowing, I might not come home. I'm very proud of what he did.”

In October 2018, the family faced a war zone at their own home when category 5 hurricane Michael pummeled Panama City Florida. Flood waters rose to the ceiling of their house destroying everything except the home’s framework.

Courtney says, “I did not expect to be here this far after the storm. You think it’s going to be a couple months and they will get you back into your house. But as you can see, we are still down to the studs.  We did not expect this.”

In fact, it’s been nearly a year since the family of five evacuated, they’ve been living in this a 30-foot camper ever since.

Micah says, “There have been some really trying times.  Where god has worked on us, and taught us some hard life lessons.  But he’s taught us to lean on him when we are out of strength.”

Then, another blow to an already difficult situation.  Their insurance company told them their policy had reached it’s limit and the family would be responsible for the remaining repairs that would cost thousands of dollars, money they didn’t have. Their pastor Andy lambert asked them over to get an update on their situation.

Micah says, “Insurance company is now looking at our claim saying you guys are completely maxed out. There is no more money to give you guys to replace that brick. There is no more money to give you guys to replace the electrical." so that's where we're at, at the moment.”

Courtney says, “I have no idea where it’s coming from.  But I do know that we serve a big God, a good God.  I know he’ll supply it. He will.  It will come from somewhere.”

The couple didn’t know that Pastor Andy with 1st Baptist Church Panama City had already contacted CBN’s Helping the Homefront.

Pastor Andy says, “Helping the Homefront is going to step in and they're gonna pay for the electrical work that you haven't been able to do.

Micah responds, “Awesome. Thank you.”

Courtney adds, “Thank you.”

Pastor Andy continues, “They're gonna take it one step further and they're gonna take care of that brick work so it can be done right. I mean, you brought up a pretty big number.

Micah says, “Thank you.”

Courtney says, “Wow. I'm very grateful, very grateful. Yeah. We had no idea where it was gonna come from, but, oh man, very thankful.

Pastor says, “Helping the Homefront has been an organization that really, represents the body of Christ, caring for military and veterans who are in dire circumstances.”

Micah says, “Thank you very much.”

A few weeks later contractors started on the work the couple initially couldn’t afford.

Courtney says, “CBN providing this is something I did not expect at all. I'm very thankful that there are people willing to come alongside CBN and be partners with them to other military members and veterans gifts like this. This is such a great, um such a great gift.”

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