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New Media Platform Brings Christ to Kids

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E-Commerce and digital marketing executive

CEO, Co-founder of Minno, children’s media platform

Co-CEO, Creative Trust Ventures, a media brand management firm

Previously Senior Manager for several divisions of Amazon.com

MBA, University of Michigan Business School, 1999

MIR, Troy State University, 1992

BS, Computer Science, United States Naval Academy, 1990

Erick teaches Marketing Strategy and Internet Marketing at Vanderbilt

Married over 20 years with three teenage daughters

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Minno, a children’s digital media company based out of Nashville, is partnering with Christian parents to provide safe, values-based choices for their families. When thinking about what Christian parents are experiencing today, Erick says they typically fall into four categories, asking questions like: What does it mean to be a Christian? How do I handle what is going on in culture? How do I parent? Where can I find support and community? Seeking to provide the tools and answers to the following questions, Minno was born. Featuring videos like Superbook, the largest selection of classic VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins, Owlegories, and a collection of children’s books including the #1 Amazon bestseller,  The Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids by Phil Vischer, Minno continues to grow and add content. Minno also offers gift cards that are popular with grandparents who want to give the gift of wholesome programming to their grandchildren. In addition, the company has three different distinctives:

  • Minno—Ad free, subscription digital video platform. Featuring the largest collection of Classic VeggieTales in the world and the best curated collection of Christian kids content anywhere that can be streamed or downloaded and watched on the go. Parents can try Minno for free by going here: www.gominno.com
  • Minno Life—A lifestyle blog full of helpful articles, family devotions, and printables developed intentionally to meet the needs of today's families. Minno Life features content on issues such as spiritual development, education, social media, and culture. Recognized voices such as the team at Daystar Counseling Center—David Thomas, Sissy Goff, and Melissa Trevathan—are all featured contributors.
  • Minno Kids publishing—Minno Kids publishing efforts are anchored by the new Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids and also features a wonderful new collection of children’s board books, picture books as well as middle grade novels (Minno press release).
  • Minno Store—Includes books, Bibles, ad other resources from their children’s publishing program.

CEO and co-founder Erick Goss explains, “Parents who care about their children’s faith are in a tough situation. While we attend church and have friends and neighbors who share our faith, the leading technology and media companies are fueling a content culture that is devoid of God and the importance of faith. Christian parents have more content choices than they’ve ever had, but fewer options that reflect their values. When you see media companies churning out more shows than ever but none of them reflect the values you want to instill in your family, you are left with an impossible choice—not participating in culture or compromising what you care most about. Minno resolves that problem, serving as a one-stop, trusted source and a partner in raising kids in today’s pluralistic, social, mobile and media-drenched world. Kids will see Minno as something fun to experience, while parents can feel good about the fact that our content is encouraging kids to deepen their faith and walk with God every day, at home or on-the-go.”


A promotion for CBN viewers is offering 15% off gift cards for Minno subscriptions: www.gominno.com/cbn

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