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Community Effort Lifts Spirits

Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Virginia Beach, VA

Many families across the country are still struggling because of Covid-19. Operation Blessing partner, Grace Bible Church, knew they had to help.

Pastor Matt Breitenberg said, “We want to follow what Jesus said to care and love for our neighbors. And so, when COVID 19 hit and we could see the devastation that it was ringing on our community, we said, ‘How can we help out?’ Many people have lost their jobs and those are often families who are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Anitra said, “Well I was out of work, I was ill.  My blood pressure dropped really low. I think I was working so much. I think I was taking care of everyone else and not myself. So, then I had a 2-month recovery, so in the process of my recovery then here comes the pandemic.”

Michael said, “We just been locked up in the house just being very careful. My wife is high risk. She has a slow heart rate and other medical conditions.”

A local radio station saw the need and reached out to Grace Bible Church to create a massive food distribution. Our friends at the church asked Operation Blessing for help and then made the announcement.

The DJ said over the radio, “Hey everyone, La Selecta Radio is partnering up with Grace Bible Church, Operation Blessing, Virginia Health Dept, and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to present to you a mass giveaway. Come and join us.”

Anitra started to smile as she said, “Yesterday, when I was taking my daughter to work, I turned to a gospel station, and I heard your advertisement. And it was just my spirit led me here. Everything happens for a reason.”

Thanks to the support of Operation Blessing partners, we provided generous amounts of food, and bottled water to people struggling during the pandemic. 

Pastor Breitenberg added, “Plus, all you friendly volunteers helping us distribute it all.”

We even had a surprise for the children.

Michael said, “They gave us SuperBook for the grandkids here. It would give the kids a good understanding of God, and to keep the kids grounded in a solid foundation.”

And there was a station set up where families could get tested for Covid-19 for free.

Michael said, “We haven’t had finances to purchase a COVID-19 testing.  My wife is real nervous because of her being high risk, so we just wanted to get tested to make sure we’re still safe.”

Operation Blessing partners are making it possible to provide food, water, and spiritual encouragement to many during these stressful times.

 “We just thank you and appreciate everything that’s provided,” said Michael.

Anitra said, “Without nourishment, you can’t even live, that’s what food means to me. So, it’s just an overall blessing. I think that you are awesome, amazing, God sent. Thank you!”

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