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Overcoming Addictions 07/24/20

Recovery Help from the Bible

The Life Recovery Bible

Frank frowned as he caught his reflection in the bathroom mirror. There he stood in front of the sink, wearing his clothes from last night. The pounding in his head was an unwelcome but familiar pain. His cupped hands moved in slow synchronization with his head as he bent down, filled them with some cold water, and splashed his face. Dabbing with the towel, he looked up at himself and chided, “You did it again. You just don’t know when to quit, do you? You don’t even know how you got home! This has got to stop!”

Guess what Frank did next? He began to pray. Any time in life he’s been at his wits’ end, he’s sought God. He’s not been the model Christian, but he knows God hears him, is faithful to be there for him, and has the power to help him. 

“I need your help, Lord. I’m messed up. Please help me stop,” he prayed. This went on for a few minutes, and then, “Amen.” 

Frank got up from his couch, walked to the bookshelf, and searched the shelves. “I know I’ve got a Bible here somewhere,” he muttered. “I’m serious about this. Things have got to change.”

Soon, Frank sat flipping through pages of his Bible, stopping here and there reading a few sentences. It wasn’t long before Frank closed the Bible and went about his day. As the days passed, his Bible was moved about his apartment unopened and prayers were not spoken.

If you’ve ever been or known Frank, you know how this cycle goes. Certainly, there’s no guarantee that the cycle will continue forever. There comes a time when we really do get serious about change or there’d be no Recovery programs. Right? When that time comes, one may want to consider investing in The Life Recovery Bible. Tyndale House published this wonderful resource for people who are serious about change. It’s written in the New Living Translation (NLT). If Frank had one of these Recovery Bibles on his shelf, he could have opened up to this nugget of truth:

“The HOLY BIBLE is a book about recovery. It records how the world began and how God created it to be good. Then it tells us about the beginning of sin – about the first time people decided to reject God’s plan. It spells out the fatal consequences that result from rejecting God’s program. But the Bible doesn’t leave us in despair. It reveals a plan for recovery and the source of the power to accomplish it. It provides us with the only pathway to wholeness – God’s program for reconciliation and healing.”

The Life Recovery Bible brings powerful recovery help to its readers. The index alone provides a tremendous variety of topics a struggling person would be happy to find; such as: relapse, enjoyment, dependencies, deception, codependency, character defects, addictions, drug abuse, etc. These topics lead the reader to scriptures, commentaries, profiles of biblical characters, devotionals, and other resources included in this Bible. It all works together with the divine power of God's Holy Word to bring about change.

Everything we need to recover from our addictions and other unwanted behaviors can be attained through the power of Jesus Christ and our total surrender to and faith in Him. The Holy Bible has all the truths anyone ever needs for this life. The Life Recovery Bible, written in the New Living Translation, is the toolbox people can use to work destructive behaviors out of their lives. It is a guide through the scriptures that many church-based programs find to be a tremendous help in recovery and I do too. It’s become one of many Bibles I treasure.

Author's Note: I am in no way indicating that the King James Version or other versions of the Bible are not sufficient. Please don’t take this article to mean that. People have been getting well with the help of their Bibles for a long time and will continue to do so. 

Copyright © Beth Livingston, used with permission.

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