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A Renewed Life

Rachel has a passion for helping the drug addicted find freedom. Not so long ago, she needed that freedom herself. After years of addiction, she heard a knock on the door…

Rachel recalled, “And I didn't know who these people were. And I was just like, ‘Oh, okay, thanks.’ And like, ‘Who's sending me flowers?’ And really it was just their ploy to have you open the door so that they could serve you papers. I ended up getting served that my ex-husband was going to do an emergency injunction to take full custody of my daughter. And I knew at that point, I needed to get a different kind of help than I had ever received.”

Rachel enrolled in The Faith Home, an 18-month rehabilitation program run by the Lighthouse Gospel Mission, which is a partner of Operation Blessing.

Rachel described, “The Bible started coming alive. It wasn’t just a story that I was reading anymore, it was me in that story and how Jesus saved me.”

During rehab, Rachel received food provided by Operation Blessing. “But to have that freedom of not being able to worry about how am I going to get this week's groceries. You just focus on your relationship with the Lord,” Rachel said. 

That helped her experience the breakthrough and healing she needed. 

“Well then, I started to believe that maybe restoration with my daughter could happen. Maybe it would be where someday she could come and be with me, you know, because at that point, that would be a miracle,” Rachel said. 

Rachel graduated from the program, got remarried, and became The Faith Home’s women’s supervisor. 

“It's an honor to be able to every day show these ladies the freedom that the Lord gives you,” Rachel said. 

And God restored her relationship with her daughter. With joy Rachel described, “My God's promises are, ‘Yes and amen.’ She comes here now every Thanksgiving, every Christmas, every spring break. She's here six weeks in the summer. Every day after school, she calls me and I do her homework over FaceTime and I'm her mom.” 

Through your generous giving many people like Rachel get the support they need while they recover and heal.

With a thankful heart Rachel said, “To everybody that is giving to Operation Blessing, I personally can't thank you enough. And I just ask that you continue to bless Operation Blessing with any means that you can, because I know for me, my life was worth it and my daughter's life is worth it and the women in The Faith Home, their lives are worth it. And it's all because of you.”

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