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She Emptied Her Piggybank to Help Mom

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

Chimalhuacán, Mexico

After three months looking for a job, Adriana, who is a single mom, realized she was running out of options.

“I worked as a waitress at banquets. That allowed me to take care of my children,” explained Adriana. “When the pandemic hit, I lost my job. I have been looking for a job and have not worked a single day in three months.”

To feed her three children, Adriana tried to stretch their limited food supply.

“For weeks, we ate only twice a day. I did not give them breakfast until later.  I would try and hold them off until dinner,” said Adriana.  

This is 11-year-old Melany. She helps take care of her siblings.  

Melany said, “I tried not to complain, because I did not want to cause my mom to be stressed.”

So, Melany did the only thing she could think of.

“I went to get my piggy bank and I gave all my money to my mom,” said Melany. “I told her to take it, because she needed it more.” 

“The piggy bank had 10 dollars in it,” Adriana added.  

Melany said, “I felt so good, because I could help my mom.” 

When CBN´s Orphan’s Promise heard about the family in Mexico, we offered to help. We learned that Adriana had been trained as a dog groomer, but lacked the tools needed to start a pet grooming business. So, we gave her what she needed to set up that business. Plus, we gave the family a supply of groceries.     

Melany exclaimed, “This means a lot to us! We will be able to earn money from home and we will have enough to buy food! I’m going to tell all my friends to bring their dog to mom for grooming.”   

Adriana said, “I have no other words to say except, ‘Thank you!’”

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