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thefinishline 04/15/10

The Masters: Phil Mickelson Wins

By Shawn Brown

After four long years, Phil Mickelson captured his third career Masters victory. Going into the Masters, Tiger Woods’ return was the story -- you know, whether or not he would he be able to block out all of distractions from his off-course drama and play at the level we are used to seeing, or should he even be playing at all? For the most part, he played exceptionally well. Tiger came in fourth just behind Anthony Kim, which isn’t terrible considering he hasn’t competed for five to six months.  But in the end, Mickelson who had his own off-course struggle with his wife and mother, who are both battling with Breast Cancer, was able to stay focused and push towards victory.

A lot of people have asked me what my thoughts were in reference to Tiger landing in the fourth spot and Mickelson winning it all. In reference to Tiger, I honestly believe it was too soon for him to come back. I think he should have spent more time getting himself mentally ready to come back. Not so much mentally ready to play, but mentally ready conduct himself in a way that would better his image, especially not knowing how he would be received by fans once he stepped foot on the course. Though he was received well, there were a few outbursts. Now, anyone who has seen Tiger play knows he can have somewhat of a potty mouth when he hits a bad shot. But after he promised he would behave better on the course, there he was again, this time on a live broadcast. It was so over-the-top that it caught the attention of CBS Sports Anchor Jim Nantz, who called him on it later.  I don’t think that has too much to do with him coming back too soon, because he was always that way… but it certainly doesn’t help his image. He’s back nonetheless, and we’ll have to see what the future holds for the great Tiger Woods.

Now for Phil Mickelson. What a guy. For him or anyone for that matter to deal with what he and his family had to deal with this year, then go and win a Masters is an amazing feat. Many would argue that Tiger needed this win, but I would argue that Mickelson needed this win more. To see him embrace and kiss his wife, as well as his emotion at the podium with the green jacket said it all. Congratulations to the  Mickleson Family.  
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