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Halloween is observed on the last day of October every year. Its ties to witchcraft and other forms of darkness conflict with the child's view of dressing up in a costume and getting lots of candy. God asks His children to be lights in a dark world and Christians differ at times on how to do this at Halloween.

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Questions about Halloween

Since Halloween itself originated in paganism, it is not surprising that its customs are related to pagan belief.

The Christian's decision to avoid or participate in Halloween should be based on accurate information.

Our family learned about All Saints' Day when we lived in Central America and witnessed an all-night vigil at the cemetery.

Devotionals about Halloween

On October 31, we celebrate Martin Luther and the Holy Spirit using him to bring His church back to a doctrine of grace. As you read this devotional...

Even our family and friends may enjoy playing pranks or tricking us for fun. While their intentions may be harmless, it's restful to meditate on the...

Every day presents opportunities to shine our lights to the world. This devotional author reminds us that in every season, let's be on the lookout...

Many don't think of church history when contemplating October 31. However, that day in 1517 marked a significant moment in church history with Martin...

Every October, many Americans are bewitched by Halloween. They dress their kids like cute little witches, devils and goblins, but there’s really...

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Videos about Halloween

An unholy presence was living in Julie’s house, and she had no idea that she was the one who brought it there.

Ginger Howell started casting spells and reading tarot cards in her quest for protection and peace in her teen years. She had a few dark and scary...

What started out as innocent fascination with a Ouija board turned Tara’s life into a nightmare.

Interest in the ouija board drew Dean Ogden into the paranormal, but he had no idea what he was up against.

They had unwelcome guests. A word of knowledge caused this haunted parsonage to be set free from demonic spirits.

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Articles on Halloween

Think about it. How many chances do we get to mix with our neighbors during the year?

One of the most controversial topics in Christian culture is whether it’s biblical to participate in Halloween activities like trick-or-treating.

October 31 celebrates the day the Reformation in Europe began with Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the Wittenburg church door, leading to a...

Our problem today isn’t that the church has been compromised, but rather that the universal body of Christ has not somehow been able to infuse the...

Just the mention of the word “Halloween” can polarize a room full of Christians.

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