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Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing and ultimate will for our lives. It is strengthened through trials and tribulations.

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Bible Teachings on Patience

We all have expectations about how we think our lives will go, but we have no guarantee things will happen according to our plans or expectations.

Contrary to what we often hear, the call to follow Christ is not a call to an easy life.

Questions about Patience

The manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives is the tangible evidence that we are being changed into the nature of Jesus Christ.

Living in our instant gratification world, patience seems to be in small supply. 

Devotionals about Patience

Patience can be hard! Patient trust in the Lord is worth it, though ... and possible. There are seasons when we all may struggle with trusting His...

What is the common link between a pineapple and the Holy Spirit? The author pondered the same question and shares a new revelation about a common...

Unyielding faith and patient perseverance are on display in this devotional inspired by Matthew 7:7-8. Join the author, as she candidly shares the...

Read about the humorous side of impatience and some valuable lessons learned through surrendering to God's timing. Together, we can uncover the...

Waiting can be one of the hardest seasons we can find ourselves in. Waiting for test results, for opportunities, for God to answer prayers. And it...

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Videos about Patience

Superbook – A New Heart

Lisa Osteen Comes know what it feels like to wait on God. In her new book, “It’s On The Way,” she shares from her experiences helpful tips to keep...

After trying for years to conceive, Hannah and Craig were overjoyed at the birth of their son Kase. Yet, when he was diagnosed with a disease most...

When the best medicine has to offer does not improve the oxygen levels for Jerolyn’s special needs son, Vincent, who is suffering with COVID-19, she...

Mike and Jessica receive devastating news that her pregnancy will most likely result in delivering a deceased baby, and in response the couple turns...

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Articles on Patience

It’s said that patience is a virtue, meaning it’s something like a personality trait to strive for, but we know that because it is a fruit of the...

If you do little things like they’re big things, God will do big things like they’re little things.

Don’t settle for less than an intimate relationship with God! Develop these three keys to spiritual maturity.

Does God wait for me to stop struggling before he rescues me?

Help Is on the Way!

One way God helps us is to rescue us from our troubles.

Sharing the most important message you've ever received with someone you care about never needs to become an argument.

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