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Articles on Christmas


Holidays and Drinking: Too Much Cheer?

Holiday celebrations can stir recovering alcoholics to drop their guard and have a drink. Planning ahead helps prevent relapse.

Mom and daughter decorating the Christmas tree

Putting Joy Back in Christmas

Dr. Linda Mintle has some tips for you -- if you're feeling more "bah humbug" than joyful this season.

This morning, my wife and I attended our son’s first grade “Holiday Show.” Because he attends a public school, the play couldn’t be called a...

I remember the Christmases of my childhood. Our neighborhood turned into a sea of Christmas lights and decorations, and we would drive around to see...

The life of a shepherd was 24/7. Sheep all day and all night. A baa baa here, a baa baa there everywhere a baa, baa. You get the picture. It was also...

In 2006, pastors Rick McKinley, Chris Seay, and Greg Holder had a vision to revitalize the celebration of Christmas in their churches. They found two...

If you struggle to esteem yourself as God does then lift up your head with the shepherds and let the Lord honor you with the gift of Christmas.

Christmas 1967 might have been a delightful but ordinary time except for one thing. Mother and Daddy drove from Alabama to Massachusetts to spend the...

In years past, Christians have spoken out about the use of words that do not contain “Christ” to describe Christmas. Stores have been on the...

The magi gave gifts to Jesus on the first Christmas.  Do you have a gift to give Jesus for Christmas?  We give presents to many family...


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